qatar visa status

How Simple To Know Qatar Visa Status in 2023

To travel in Qatar, you’ve to possess a valid visa. If you possess a visa, it’s important to be familiar with the process of checking your MOI Qatar visa status online. Visa is a valid document for traveling in any country of the world. There exist various categories of visas, each with distinct validity periods, that are issued by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar (MOI).

This article is very helpful in guiding you about MOI Qatar visa check and how to know MOI Qatar visa status and extend its validity. The Ministry of Interior Qatar (MOI) has established an official government portal for facilitating its nationals and expatriates to check many services online at home and their valuable service Visa Inquiry & Printing is very unique and easy.

Qatar Visa Status Check Online 2023

Presently, there are two methods to check and confirm the validity of your Qatar visa. You can verify the Qatar Visa Application Status through two official sources: the Ministry of Interior Qatar (MOI) website and the MOI Qatar Visa Center (QVC) website. In both cases, you should have your passport and visa number to know the status of your Qatar visa application.

qatar visa status

Qatar Visa Status Check Online 2023 by Passport Number

Visa Inquiry and Printing Through MOI

To know the Qatar Visa status online, you can check with the help of your visa number and passport number to track down the progress of your visa application or for the verification of the status of your Qatar e-visa. It’s mandatory to have one document from these above-mentioned documents if you’ve not both.

To ascertain the status of your Qatar visa application through the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Qatar, follow these straightforward steps:

qatar visa status
  • Search the MOI website(Mininstry of Interior Qatar) on Google
  • Choose the option”Visa Services”
  • Choose the option”Visa Inquiry & Printing”
  • Next, select your preferred method for status verification by entering either your passport number or visa number. 
  • Then, write down your nationality and enter verification code to get information. 
  • Choose the option “Submit” and click it, now wait for status of your visa should you wish to retain a physical copy for your records of the visa status, simply click on the “Print” option.

If your visa is considered invalid, it’s advisable to review the following:

  • Ensure that your visa has been approved.
  • Authenticate the validity of your visa.
  • Verify that you have not been issued multiple visas.
  • Please verify twice that your Qatar visa was processed accurately by your traveling agency.

Qatar Visa Approval Status Check

You have the option to confirm the approval status of your Qatar visa by following these simple steps on the MOI official website(Ministry of Interior Qatar)

  1. Search the MOI website(Mininstry of Interior Qatar) on Google
  2. Choose the option”Visa Services”
  3. Choose the option”Visa Approval Tracking”
  4. Enter your own visa application number and your personal information/details.
  5. For those seeking a ‘Resident Visa,’ simply choose the ‘Residency’ option and enter the application number along with the corresponding date.
  6. In the case of an ‘Visit Visa’ application, opt for the ‘Visit’ category and input your application number along with your nationality.
  7. Choose the option “Submit” and wait for the result.
qatar visa status

Qatar Visa Check for Foreigners( Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines) Passports

The Qatar visa application status can also be checked and verified through QVC(Qatar Visa Centre) official website. It’s important to know that this valuable service is also facilitating to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India and the Philippines.

To initiate the visa verification process, kindly adhere to the instructions outlined below:

  • Search the Qatar Visa Centre /QVC (Ministry of Interior Qatar) on Google
  • Choose the option”Your Preferred Language and Country of Origin”
  • Choose the option”Track Application”
  • Complete all the necessary fields, providing both your visa and passport numbers.
  • Fill the “Captcha Code” and Click,
  • To proceed further click on the option “Submit” to know your visa application status.

Extending the Validity of a Qatar Visa

It’s important to know that travelers should possess a valid Qatar visa for tourism, business  or the purposes have the choice to enhance their visa through MOI Qatar online portal.

Additionally, embassies and authorized representatives are empowered to facilitate extensions on behalf of the traveler.

For those seeking to prolong their Qatar visit visa online, please adhere to the subsequent instructions:

  • Access the e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior and log in using your smartcard.
  • Navigate to ‘Visa Services’ and then proceed to ‘Visit Visa Extension.’
  • Fill in all the relevant information, provide your passport or visa number.
  • Select  your nationality from the given choices.
  • Accurately enter the displayed captcha code and proceed by clicking on the ‘Extend’ button.
  • Opt for the desired extension period.
  • Make the requisite payment for the applicable fees.

Video Guidance

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Qatar Visa Check Meaning/Terms

  1. Qatar visa status valid to use:-Your visa has been successfully issued. You may proceed to print it out and utilize it for your upcoming travel.
  2. Qatar visa status Under Process Meaning:- This term means the visa application is currently being processed.
  3. Qatar visa status Used inside country:-The Qatar visa status indicates its utilization within the country.
  4. Qatar visa status Canceled Meaning:-The Qatar visa status “Canceled” signifies that the visa has been invalidated or revoked.
  5. Qatar visa status Under Review:-The Qatar visa status is currently “Under Review,” indicating that the application is being assessed.
  6. MOI Qatar visa Tracking Status:- The MOI Qatar visa tracking status can be checked to monitor its progress.
  7. Qatar visa status Ready To Print:- The visa has received approval. The sponsor is required to make the visa payment directly via the MOI website or the Metrash mobile app.
  8. Qatar visa status Transferred To Resident:- The Qatar visa status has been updated to “Transferred to Resident,” indicating that the visa has been transferred for residency purposes.
  9. Qatar visa status Under Outside Process:-The employment contract or other pertinent documents are still in the process of being finalized.
  10. Qatar visa status Rejected:- The Qatar visa status has been “Rejected,” indicating that the visa application has not been approved.
  11. Qatar visa Expired status :- The Qatar visa has reached its expiration date.
  12. Sorry, Requested Visa Not Found:- The visa is either still pending processing or the provided information is incorrect.

Qatar Visa Extension Fee

Extending Qatar visas costs QR 200 for each month added.


To know the status of your Qatar visa application is very easy and simple through the QVC website or by following the given easy steps while having all the requisite information and documents you have.

Monitoring your visa application’s progress and making any essential extensions or modifications is convenient. Whether your Qatar visit is for leisure, business, or family purposes, maintaining an accurate and active visa status is a vital aspect of your travel arrangements. After the arrival in this country, you need Qatar ID for living here and also for working here.

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