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Know Simple Way Civil ID Payment Online In 4 Easy Steps

If you wish to obtain a new Civil ID or renew it, the first process is Civil ID payment and without Civil ID payment in Kuwait you can’t proceed further. For obtaining a new card or renewing it, Civil ID payment online Kuwait is mandatory for every citizen of Kuwait whether he is a Kuwaiti National or an expatriate living in Kuwait. This article will help you to explain in simple and easy words how you can make payment through a step by step guide.

Civil ID Payment Online-4 Easy Steps

Civil ID online payment can be made with different methods. If you want to make payment by hand, you can go to the nearest PACI services center or otherwise you’ve the option to pay online. For making online payment, you should follow these easy and simple steps:-

  • Click on the “ePay”option after visiting the PACI website.
  • Enter your Valid Civil ID # and amount
  • Choose payment option “Knet/Credit Card/Debit Card”
  • To make a payment, simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen

Civil ID Payment Status–

Civil ID Payment Online

The PACI(Public Authority for Civil Information) facilitates its valued customers by providing an online payment facility to make the process of payment easier and simpler. You should follow these easy steps on the Public Authority for Civil Information(PACI) for making payment for Kuwait Civil ID Card:-

  • Search official website “” on Google
  • Find “e-Services” option”
  • Enter your Civil ID # and other details(name, contact etc.)
  • Pay through(KNET/Credit Card/Debit Card) after verifying your details.

Civil ID Online Payment 5 kd Kuwait

Kuwait Civil ID Cards incur a minimal fee that needs to be paid by both citizens and expatriates. The fee of a Civil ID Card for Kuwaiti nationals is just 5 KD whereas the fee for expatriates is 10 KD. The fee for Kuwait Civil ID Cards needs to be renewed annually for a duration of one year.

It’s recommended that the fee for the card must be paid regularly to make your Civil ID card valid. If you do not pay your Civil ID fee in time, your Civil ID card can be suspended. It’s advised you to make payment of the Civil ID fee in time to avoid any inconvenience while using govt. services. It is also recommended that save your Civil ID payment receipt. It will help a lot in case you face some inconvenience during obtaining Civil ID.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Payment

Civil ID Payment Online

If you want to renew your Kuwait Civil ID card, it’s also simple and easy either you desire to pay in hand or want to make payment online, in few simple but easy steps:-

  • Required documents for Civil ID card renewal(application, passport copy, Iqama, passport-size photo.
  • Search PACI official website on Google.
  • Choose “e-Services” option
  • Enter Civil ID # and contact
  • Upload passport size photo and requisite documents
  • Verify your details and “Submit” application
  • Pay fee 5 KD(Kuwaiti Nationals) and 10 KD(Expatriates) through Credit Card/KNET/Other available online payment methods.

Civil ID Payment 2 kd- 5 kd (Fees)

The PACI(Public Authority for Civil Information)Kuwait, fixed fee of renewal Civil ID card for Kuwaiti nationals and expatriates(students/workers) as under:-

  • 5 KD-Smart Card
  • 2 KD-Plastic Card

How to check Civil ID Validity

The Civil ID card is an essential document and according to State of Kuwait laws, every citizen whether he is Kuwaiti national or expatriate must have a civil ID with validity. To check the validity of your Civil ID card, follow these simple steps: 

  • Search PACI website on Google
  • Choose option “Card Validity”
  • Enter Serial #
  • Enter OTP Code
  • Then Click on option “Continue”

On screen your personal information will appear along with your Civil ID card validity and expiry date. If your Civil ID card has expired, then you have to pay a fine including other penalties as imposed by the Kuwaiti government. 

Civil ID Fines e-Payment

Civil ID Payment Online

Kuwait Civil ID holders, whether expatriates or citizens, can easily check the fines or fees pending against their civil ID without the need to visit any physical location. Simply visit the official PACI e-services website and you can check the amount owed and make e-payments for fines and fees directly online.

  • Search official website PACI
  • Choose “E Services” from Main Menu
  • Choose option “Fines and card collection Fees Payment”
  • Enter Civil ID # and wait for a fine for violation and make payment.

Civil ID Payment Delivery-Home Delivery Services

To make a PACI Kuwait Civil ID payment delivery from home, follow these steps on the Public Authority for Civil Information’s electronic portal:

  • Visit the PACI website.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select the appropriate service based on whether you have the old card or have lost it.
  • Enter the required information: Civil ID number and serial number.
  • Click on the “Add” icon.
  • Fill in the necessary details for each field: Name, delivery time, telephone number, and address.
  • Click on the “Next” icon.
  • You will be redirected to the delivery company’s website to complete the payment for the home delivery fees of your Civil ID card.

How Can I Pay My Civil ID Online?

Civil ID Payment

Here’s how you can easily know how to pay for your civil ID online or payment of Civil ID renewal online in Kuwait:

  1. Go to the official PACI e-services website.
  2. Find the part where it talks about paying for your civil ID.
  3. Type in your civil ID details to see how much you need to pay.
  4. Pick how you want to pay – you can use a credit or debit card or do it through online banking.
  5. Put in all the payment info they need to make sure it’s secure.
  6. Double-check everything and then say “yes” to make the payment.
  7. Don’t forget to save the confirmation of your payment – you might need it later on.


I hope you have learned a lot from this article regarding Civil ID Payment because it is an essential task to know every citizen of Kuwait including expats. Every person should be well aware of these things to work and lead a peaceful life in Kuwait. These easy steps will make you master routine problems with regard to your Civil ID card and save you from many issues with government transactions and services. Now it is time for do something, and pay fees for Civil ID and make your life easy.

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