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How Simple Qatar ID Check Online in 2023 | Everyone Must Know

Qatar ID check is the easy process of verifying any individual’s identification in just a simple process by using a Qatari ID card. This Qatar ID card has important information about the card holder(name, DOB, photograph, residency status, address etc.).

Being a useful document, a Qatar ID card is used for various important purposes, such as opening bank accounts, accessing healthcare services, and applying for government jobs or services.

The Qatar ID check online 2023 process is crucial and essential for ensuring that the cardholder is the rightful owner of this card. This step is highly beneficial in maintaining national security and the integrity of various key institutions and services in the country. Some people who are not much educated, especially the working class, can get desired results by typing “Qatar ID check karne ka tarika”. 

Different Methods to Check Qatar ID Status?

There are different methods to check MOI Qatar ID Status and its validity, including:

1. Qatar ID Check Through Ministry of Interior(MOI) Official Website

To verify your Qatar ID status online via the Ministry of Interior (MOI) official website, simply search for the MOI’s official website on Google and visit it. Once there, you’ll require to enter your Qatar ID # and date of birth(DOB).

2. Qatar ID Check Through METRASH2 Mobile App

If you want to check your Qatar ID Check Apps or access a variety of government services, you can simply download the Metrash2 app on your Android or iOS device. This user-friendly app allows you to perform government transactions and provides a convenient way to stay updated with your Qatar ID check status.

3. Qatar ID check Through Self-service

Self-service facility is widely available across various locations in Qatar, such as shopping malls and government offices. This facility of self-service enables you to efficiently check your Qatar ID status and conduct other essential government transactions with ease and in a simple way.

Through the utilization of these methods, you can conveniently confirm the validity of your MOI Qatar ID, while also ensuring that your personal information remains accurate and up-to-date. Maintaining the correctness of your Qatar ID is crucial for seamless access to various government transactions and services.

4. MOI Qatar ID Check Status Online

The process of checking the MOI Qatar ID status online is very simple and easy. You’ve to follow these simple steps:-

Step 1: Search Qatar MOI official portal on Google.

qatar id check

Step 2: Enter “Qatar ID Number”

qatar id check

Step 3: Solve the “captcha” by filling.

qatar id check

Step 4: Choose the option “Search”

qatar id check

After this process, on screen, you can check your Qatar ID expiry date, passport expiry date, iqama/residency validity date. If you put the wrong Qatar ID card number and did not get any result, then you should click the option ”Reset” and retype to check the status of your Qatar ID card.

5. Qatar ID Check Online By Passport Number

When you want to do process of Qatar ID Check by passport number, you should follow these simple but easy steps:-

Step 1: Search Ministry of Interior (MOI)official portal on Google

Qatar ID Check By Passport Number

Step 2: Enter your “Passport #”.

Step 3: Choose the option of “Nationality” from the menu.

Step 4: Fill “Captcha” which is mandatory to solve.

Step 5: Click the option “Search” and wait for the result.

If you don’t have Qatar ID # then you freely choose the option passport number and enter your “passport number” choose the option “nationality” and click the option “ Search” to know the status of your Qatar ID Card online.

Video Guide Qatar ID Check

YouTube video

6. Qatar ID Check Status Through Metrash Mobile App

Metrash Mobile App

The Metrash2 App now offers a handy “Wallet” feature, granting quick access to digital Qatar ID, Driving License, and Vehicle info. This simplifies MOI services, making personal data management easier on the go. To access the Wallet feature:

  • Download Metrash2 app on mobile.
  • Choose option “Wallet” from Menu
  • Choose your desired service(ID Card).

With this feature, you can handle MOI services effortlessly and efficiently from anywhere.

The Vital Role of Qatar ID Card: Empowering Citizens and Residents

Qatar is a well developed country and relies on information technology. To protect the online identities of Qatari nationals including expatriates and reduce the risk of ID fraud, the government of Qatar, is taking more initiatives for enhancing security features and legislation. 

Likewise, the increasing clarity suggests that national IDs can offer indispensable services and economic advantages while guaranteeing the protection of personal data.

Qatar ID Check

Qatar ID is essential for transactions in Qatar. For the working class it is also crucial to hold this ID. All residents and citizens are required to possess this ID.

In Qatar, newly arrived residents are also provided with a plastic ID card that includes vital information, a barcode, and a photograph. Both driving licenses and bank accounts are subject to this mandatory requirement.

For expatriates, the MOI, Qatar launched smart cards in 2011, which kept details of biometric data like fingerprints and eye scans. These smart cards facilitate the residents of Qatar to use e-Gate cards, helping them to avoid long passport queues at immigration counters. To utilize the e-Gate services, residents can change their old/traditional card with smart cards.

To obtain a smart ID card as an expatriate in Qatar, simply visit the nearest government office. The staff of this office will guide and assist throughout the process of upgrading your ID card to the new smart version.


How Much Fees for Smart Qatar ID (QID)

Qatari residents have the option to apply for their smart Qatar IDs and choose the services and their duration through this valuable service provided by the MOI, Qatar.

  • Smart Card Fee(Qatari Riyal 100), the same fee is for traditional Qatari ID cards.
  • e-Gate Services-Validity 1-year(Qatari Riyal 100)
  • e-Gate Services-Validity 2-years(Qatari Riyal 150)
  • e-Gate Services-Validity 3-years(Qatari Riyal 200)

Note: Other fees will have to be paid which are totally depending on the duration electronic services type offered.

How Beneficial Is a Smart Qatar ID Card?

The expatriates in Qatar can avail several benefits and privileges by getting a “Smart Qatar ID card”. A specific and special security chip helps to secure this smart Qatar ID card. It secures the information/data of its residents. This smart ID card has different crucial security features and characteristics, as compared to traditional ID cards. These are the important advantages of this smart ID card:-

  • Driving License permits
  • Seeking document for renewals
  • Helpful in re-issuance of a driving license
  • Permit for making payments
  • To perform online government transactions.

A smart identity card aims to provide e-services to all Qataris conveniently, uniformly, and with multiple functions. E-gate card holders looking to transition to the Smart ID card won’t incur any upgrade fees.

Qatari authorities collaborate with airport officials to phase out the E-gate system due to the availability of Smart ID cards. The electronic chip on the smart card stores information and can only be accessed through fingerprint or PIN verification.

Qatari ID Numbers and Their Meaning

Some residents of Qatar are curious to know the significance of the numbers on their Qatari ID cards. Here’s the explanation: Your ID number carries specific information about your age and nationality, enabling government officials to identify these details instantly.

IQAMA is the Arabic term for the Qatar ID number. Here’s how to read the Qatari ID number:

  • 1st Digit: 2 for birth year 1900-1999, 3 for 2000 onwards.
  • 2nd and 3rd Digits: Last two digits of birth year.
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th Digits: Your country’s ISO code.
  • Last 5 digits: how many Qataris were born in the same year.

Method For Tracking Qatar ID Check QPost

Upon accessing the QPost website’s homepage, locate the section to enter your QPost tracking number. Follow the provided instructions to access details about your package. Keep in mind that the tracking ID is essential to obtain the necessary information regarding your shipment.

Method of Qatar ID Check Renewal

The Qatar ID naturally carries an expiration date. Employers, sponsors, or holders get a 3-month grace period post-expiry for renewal without fines. Qatar ID check Renew can be done up to 3 months before expiry. After grace period, a QR 10/day penalty applies for late renewals.

Renewal options include online and offline methods. Online renewal is available for 1 to 3 years. For renewal of your Qatar ID, you should follow these simple steps.

Qatar ID Check

1. Qatar ID Renewal Online Through Ministry of Interior (MOI)Website

  1. Search on Google MOI e-Services portal by using Smart Qatar ID card
  2. Choose the option ”Residency Service” and Then select “Renew Residency”.

Renewal Process for individuals

  • Choose the Qatar ID #  to be renewed (up to 5 numbers at a time)

Renewal Process for Companies

  • Choose the Qatar ID # to be renewed (up to 20 numbers at a time) and choose the option “Add

3. Select the renewal period for your desired Qatar ID card (QID)

4. Choose the option of “Delivery” for the new residence/iqama permit or Qatar ID.

5. Payment of fees according to MOI.

6. You can check it out the status and progress of your renewal through this website link

Qatar ID Renewal Online Through Ministry of Interior (MOI) METRASH2 App

  1. Download Metrash2 App from Playstore. 
  2. Login to your account in the Metrash2 App.
  3. Choose the option ”Residency Service” and Then select “Renew Residency”.
  4. Choose the option Personal (individuals) or Company Residency/Iqama Renewal, then select “Next” and click.
    • Renewal Process for individuals:
      • Choose the Qatar ID #  to be renewed (up to 5 numbers at a time)
    • Renewal Process for companies:
      • Choose the Qatar ID # to be renewed (up to 20 numbers at a time) and choose the option “Add
  5. Select the renewal period for your desired Qatar ID card (QID)
  6. Choose the option of “Delivery” for the new residence/iqama permit or Qatar ID
  7. Enter your address according to the residence permit where Qatar ID should be sent or delivered.
  8. Check it carefully twice; ensure it’s accurate.
  9. Payment of fees according to MOI via debit/ credit card.
  10. You can check it out the status and progress of your renewal through this link.

Qatar ID Renewal Offline Method

1. For Kuwaiti Nationals

For  renewing your Qatar ID card offline, you’ve follow these simple steps:

  • From the MOI(Ministry of Interior ) website, download the application and fill it.
  • Visit to Qatar Official, Nationality and Travel Documents Department
  • While applying for renewal, you’ve to present your present Qatar ID card.
  • 2 Passport-sized pictures 65+ applicant
  • Payment of fees according to MOI via debit/ credit card.

2. For Expatriates(Workers/Students)

From the MOI(Ministry of Interior ) website, download the application and fill it. These documents are essential and should be attached with application:-

  • Employer’s ID (Personal sponsorships) with validity(copy)
  • Employer’s Establishment ID with validity copy (Government entities/ institutions/companies/etc.)
  • After filling this application accurately, submit it with the essential documents to the Qatar Official, Expatriates Affairs Department.


In Kuwait Civil ID is used for identity whereas in Qatar, ID is an essential document for all Qatari nationals and expatriates including both minors and adults. It’s mandatory for all government transactions, like getting medical care and applying for a driving license.

The Qatar ID is renewed after one year. Owners/employers have the opportunity to support their employees in obtaining a Qatar ID by collaborating with the Qatar Visa Center Office in their home country. Prior to applying for a Qatar ID, it is advisable to verify the status of your MOI Qatar Visa online, ensuring you are aware of its validity period and expiry date. If you did not obey the rules, then Qatar ID check fine can be imposed on you.


Typically, getting your new smart ID card will take around 2 to 4 days. The exact time can change depending on things like how quickly you get your medical results and provide your fingerprints. Also, keep in mind that while you’re doing all of this, you might need to show your passport to confirm your identity.

As mentioned on, if you’re applying for a Qatar ID (QID) for the first time or renewing it, there’s a fee of QR 100. However, if you’re replacing a lost or damaged QID, the fee increases to QR 200. It’s crucial to know these fees beforehand and have the right amount prepared when you’re applying for a new QID or a replacement.

To undergo a Qatar ID check, you must provide your Qatar ID card. Occasionally, additional documents like a passport or driving license might be needed for the purpose of verification.

For fingerprint registration for your Qatar ID (QID), a visit to the Ministry of Interior is necessary. If you’re in Qatar, you can go to the fingerprinting headquarters on Salwa Road, close to the flyover over the Industrial Area. Moreover, you’ll find fingerprinting services offered at different places such as Al Khor, Mesaimeer, and Duhail. It’s important to choose the closest designated location to finish the fingerprint registration process, which is a mandatory step for acquiring or renewing your Qatar ID.

When someone doesn’t pass the Qatar ID check, it means that their identity can’t be confirmed, and this could result in being denied the services or transactions they were trying to access. In such cases, additional inquiry might be needed to figure out the cause behind the verification failure.

For Qatari citizens, a Qatar ID card remains valid for 10 years, while for residents, its validity is for 5 years. Upon reaching the expiry date, individuals must renew the card to ensure its continued use as a valid form of identification.

A no objection certificate, commonly referred to as an NOC, is a document that confirms an employer’s consent and approval for an employee to change jobs. It serves as a certification that the employer has no objections to the employee seeking new employment opportunities elsewhere.

Across the nation, clinics provide blood type certificates for a small fee. This certificate allows you to set up your medical examination and blood test appointments through the Medical Commission. If you wish to inquire about fines associated with your Qatar ID, you can visit the MoI Qatar Traffic Violations webpage and input your ID number.

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