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Simple Ways To Know About Kuwait Civil ID Delivery in 2023

Kuwait has introduced a valuable service Civil ID delivery online service for its citizens. It’s an electronic and vital service that can be benefitted in different ways. In this article we will discuss the complete method of this service and how the Public Authority for Civil Information(PACI) handles this service.

Credit goes to PACI for providing the Civil IDs to the citizens and expats at their door steps and saving them from the inconvenience of traveling and waiting. We will know the easy and quick steps for availing the facility. We will discuss all steps and procedures to inquire about the delivery and dispatch of Civil ID and its related services.

Different Ways To Avail This Service Online

There are different ways to avail this service online. For know these ways read complete article.

civil id delivery kuwait

Civil ID Delivery Status

The citizens of Kuwait who have requested Civil ID home delivery through PACI, want to know its status. They can check it through several ways:-

  • By Contacting Delivery Department(PACI) on Phone
  • By Checking the Website of PACI and know about your delivery status.
  • By contacting the Courier company(delivery company) directly.

It’s up to you which way or method you choose for this purpose but you should have your Civil ID number and other relevant information to get the information related to your delivery status.

The service of Civil ID delivery 2kd in Kuwait, provides independence to receive their own Civil ID without visiting PACI office in person. This service can be availed through the Public Authority Civil Information(PACI) website and it can be availed in less than 30 minutes.

Civil ID Delivery

The service of Civil ID delivery 2kd is a very valuable service which was introduced by PACI to save the general public of Kuwait from waiting and saving precious time. For availing this facility, no need to go to the PACI office in person.

You have to request home delivery of your own Civil ID, for this purpose you need to visit PACI official website and follow these simple steps:-

  • Visit the Official Website of PACI(Public Authority for Civil Information).
  • Choose the option “Home Delivery” for

Civil ID Delivery 2kd Service

civil id delivery status

The cost/charges for availing Civil ID delivery 2kd, may vary on different centers but overall they cost of these are as follow:

  • Single Civil ID card’s charge only 2 Kuwaiti dinars for delivery at a single home address.
  • Additional Civil IDs if delivered to the same address, it will cost 0.25 Kuwaiti dinars for each.

How to Register Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery

The process of Kuwait ID delivery registration is very easy and can be performed online by following these easy steps. Before proceeding further, ensure that you have your own old PACI Kuwait Civil ID card(if it applies to you) and remember your Civil ID number and its serial number. Now proceed further and do these steps:

  • Visit PACI official website and Civil ID Home Delivery Registration” option
  • Before starting the process of registration, read complete terms and conditions and accept these conditions.
  • Choose the option if that applies to you ”Old Card Available” if you have old PACI Kuwait Civil ID already in possession or select option ”Old Card” if you don’t have.
  • Fill your Civil ID card number and its serial number.
  • Write down your personal information such as name, phone number, email address, language of preference, desired delivery time, and address where you want to deliver this Civil ID.
  • To verify your personal information, click on the option ”Next”.
  • Always save a copy of the payment receipt or token in PDF and screenshot for future use, in case you need it.
civil id delivery kuwait contact number

Civil ID Delivery Kuwait Contact Number

For getting assistance from home for this service, PACI has provided contact number 22 06 65 50. Every citizen can contact this number.

If you’ve any query in your mind about the status of your Kuwait Civil ID delivery, you can contact on this number 1889988 for information and assistance. These contact numbers are specified for home delivery service and you can not ask for other information at these numbers.

Civil ID Delivery Kuwait Link

The Public Authority Civil Information(PACI) has provided Civil ID delivery Kuwait Link that allows the general public of Kuwait to register themselves for availing home delivery of their own Civil ID. This service is very useful and convenient for those people who are unable to visit the PACI office for obtaining their Civil ID personally.

PACI Civil ID Delivery Payment Method

This facility can be availed through PACI official portal. You can pay your fee from home to get this service. Only you have to follow these easy steps:-

  • Search the official website of PACI on Google.
  • Now select the option “e-Services”.
  • Write down your Civil ID number in the given box.
  • Now choose the option, “Query” and click on it.
  • Before payment the fee amount, check it.
  • Choose the option “Payment” and complete the process of payment through the ”k-net” channel.
  • After completing of payment transaction, the amount of payment fee will be cut from your bank account. After completing a successful transaction, you will receive a SMS of confirmation.

PACI Civil ID Delivery Appointment

For scheduling an appointment according to your will for home delivery of Civil ID, you will require to visit PACI official website and follow these steps to register yourselves for availing this valuable service.

  • Search the official website of the State of Kuwait.
  • Choose the option “Book an Appointment” and click on it.
  • Fill all the details as demanded by the website, such as the service type you need(Civil ID delivery booking).
  • Take the print of your appointment card, keep it with you until the arrival of the appointment date at the PACI office.

Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Tracking From Home

In the busy life, if you have no time to collect your Civil ID for the PACI office, you will request for home delivery after visiting the PACI website. After activating, you can check status by  Civil ID delivery tracker. When you know the status of Civil ID delivery by tracking, you have to wait for the receipt of your Civil ID by mail or courier service.

  • Visit the official website of PACI on google.
  • Choose the option “Home Delivery” for obtaining a Civil ID.
  • Read carefully the terms and conditions and accept them.
  • Choose the option “Start Service” icon.
  • Fill the complete information as the system demands.
  • Complete the payment process through the “k-net” channel by following the guidance of the system.
  • The courier/delivery company will contact you for confirmation of Civil ID Delivery time and date  for the delivery of your Civil ID card.

Civil ID Delivery Request Online Kuwait

To request home delivery of your Civil ID online, visit the PACI website, register by providing your personal and contact details, including your Civil ID number and serial number, and accept the terms and conditions.

After registration, you’ll receive a receipt for your records, and your Civil ID will be delivered to your specified address by mail or courier, subject to availability and eligibility criteria.

A Complete Video Guide

YouTube video

Conditions for Activating the Home Delivery Service

To request home delivery of your Civil ID through the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Civil Information electronic portal, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Payment of a two Kuwaiti dinar fee for the delivery service.
  • Handing over the old card to the delivery person upon receiving the new card.
  • Presenting an official document as proof of ownership in case of card loss.


In the last of this article, I hope that you have understand the methods/ways of Civil ID inquiry system. I have tried to highlight all important aspects of this topic to educate you to save you from waiting and the presence in the authority’s offices to get your Civil ID.

By following the steps on the PACI website, residents can easily request delivery for a nominal fee, surrendering their old card upon receiving the new one. This digital solution streamlines the process, aligning with modern government service trends, promoting efficiency and accessibility.

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