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How To Know Kuwait Civil ID Fine Check Online-2023

If you’re living in Kuwait, I’m sure you’re fully aware Kuwait Civil ID fine check online and its complete procedure. Kuwait is a modern country and almost all kinds of services are online. Civil ID is a very important document in Kuwait. There is rule of law everywhere. You can not roam in this country with expired Civil ID.

The Kuwaiti government does not tolerate this action from any citizen. The government imposed a fine on expiry of the Civil ID card.   Kuwait Civil ID fine check online is a great facility to be aware of your Civil ID status. You can check your Kuwait Civil ID fine online. You can know about the offenses and violations in detail leveled against you.

Through this article, we’ll try to explore the process how to pay Civil ID fine in Kuwait and its benefits. This facility serves all the people who are living and working in Kuwait. PACI has made the life of common man easy by using technology and serving them on their doorstep.

Kuwait Civil ID Fine Status

When your Civil ID expires and you wish to know your Kuwait Civil ID fine status online. Then you should have follow these easy and simple steps:-

  • Visit website www.moi.gov.kw.
  • Click on “e-Services” option
  • Choose the ” Civil ID Fines” option
  • Enter your Civil ID # and requisite details
  • Choose option “Check” after form submission
  • After processing, your fine detail will disappear.
  • You’ve the choice to review any outstanding fines or penalties imposed by PACI linked with your Civil ID.
  • Write down the fine amount, violation details, payments detail and due date.

Kuwait Civil ID Fine Payment-MOI

The Ministry of Interior(MOI) Kuwait, is the authority for issuing and managing Civil IDs for its nationals as well as foreigners(students/workers). The Civil ID is a document that proves your identity and contains your important information like name, nationality, image, Iqama status.

You can check the Kuwait Civil ID fine payment inquiry from the website of MOI and how can I check my Civil ID fine in Kuwait and know payment method.

If you are found violating Iqama/residency rules and regulations, like overstaying, or failed to renew your Iqama permit, you have to pay a fine and bear penalties. These fines are imposed by the Ministry of Interior Kuwait and it can impose a fine according to severity of violation.

kuwait civil id fine payment

Valuable Tips About Civil ID Fine

These are some valuable tips and informative instructions for the services provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information(PACI):

  • Pay your all outstanding due of all Kuwait Civil ID fees and fines for all family members before proceeding with any service.
  •  If you haven’t received your civil card within 6 months from the printing date, it will be destroyed. In such cases, you need to reapply or renew your civil card, paying the issuance fee again.
  •  When applying for a civil ID, make sure to submit new photos that meet the standard specifications required.

By following these instructions, you can ensure a smoother process when dealing with the Public Authority for Civil Information’s services.

Kuwait Civil ID Fine Inquiry Online Penalties

If you fail to request the renewal or issuance of your Kuwait Civil ID within the specified timeframes, PACI Kuwait Civil ID penalty will impose on you and you may incur a fine of 20 Kuwaiti dinars. The timeframes for requesting renewal or issuance are as follows.

  1. Govt. Residence(Article 17) 30-days from issuance date
  2. Establishment of Private(Article 18) 30-days from issuance date
  3. Residency for Professional practice(Article 19) 30-days from issuance date Iqama/residency issuance.
  4. Servant Residence etc, (Article 20) 30-days from issuance date Iqama/residency issuance.
  5. Residency to join family(Article 22) 30-days from issuance date Iqama/residency issuance.
  6. Study Residency (Article 23) 30-days from issuance date Iqama/residency issuance.
  7. Residency for Who are Financially well (Article 24): 30-days from issuance date Iqama/residency issuance.
  8. Newborns registration inside Kuwait: 60 days for birthdays.

Civil ID Fines e-Payment

With every passing day technology is touching the height of progress, e-Payment systems have made the life of common man easy and simple. In Kuwait, the e-Payment system is facilitating thousands of people daily by paying their fines and other dues through this service. Here are some simple and easy steps paying Civil ID fine through the service e-Payment systems.

  • Check details of violation and fine amount.
  • Select an authorized e-Payments platform advised by the Kuwaiti government or other service provider.
  • Enter your detail(name, contact, Civil ID# etc) and payment method
  • Check the fine and verify it, along with amount, due date, and penalty reason.
  • Collect a payment receipt after confirming payment transaction 
  • Save this payment receipt for future reference.

What to Do if I Lost My Civil ID in Kuwait?

At PACI, follow these steps to get your replacement civil ID: Bring along your appointment slip, your original passport, a photocopy of both, and a copy of the report for your lost civil ID. Once you arrive, collect a token number from the reception area. When your turn comes up, go to the designated counter. The whole process usually takes just a few minutes, though the exact time may vary depending on the number of people applying on that particular day.


In the end of this article, I am sure you’ve learned a lot from this article about Kuwait Civil ID fine check online. To make your life peaceful in Kuwait, follow guidelines.

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