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Qatar Health Card Renewal Online : A Complete Guide of 2023

The people who are the residents of Qatar or working in this country, they often require Qatar health card renewal status. To renew your Qatar health card is a very necessary step to get continuous access for quality healthcare benefits/services in this beautiful and leading Arab country. The health card is an essential paper for both locals and foreigners, showing that you can get discounted medical care and making it easy to deal with doctors and hospitals.

Whether you’ve been living in Qatar for a while or are a newcomer from abroad, renewing your Qatar health card might seem like a complex task. Nevertheless, armed with the correct knowledge and support, you can easily complete the renewal procedure, ensuring worry-free access to extensive healthcare coverage during your time in Qatar.

Qatar Health Card

In Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health issues a vital document known as the Qatar Health Card. This smart card not only acts as a repository for your comprehensive medical records but also serves as a mandatory requirement for anyone seeking healthcare services in both government and private medical facilities across the country.

Moreover, during urgent situations, healthcare providers can efficiently access your critical medical information stored on the card, ensuring timely and precise diagnosis and treatment.

MOI Qatar Health Card Renewal Online

If you want to obtain your Qatar health card renewal receipt online, you can achieve this by following the steps provided below:

  • Visit on Google the webpage “ Qatar Health Card e-Service”. 
Qatar Health Card Renewal
  • Enter your Qatar ID Number(QID), choose the option”Renew(update expiry date)” and then click on the option”Next”.
MOI Qatar Health Card Renewal Online
  • Please complete all the necessary fields in the application form. The form has been designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to understand and fill out. Write the number of years for which period you want this card(validity of card). After this write your own contact number. If you desire to receive an email payment confirmation message, select “Yes”, otherwise, select “No”. Then write your complete email address. Likewise, if you desire to receive notifications on your mobile phone, write your contact number and then choose “Next”.
MOI Qatar Health Card Renewal Online
  • All the details/ information provided by you, carefully read it and make it confirmation. After making it authentic, choose the option “Next” otherwise, you can revisit your given information by choosing the “Previous” option to make corrections, if any.
MOI Qatar Health Card Renewal Online
  • For making payment, write your credit details to complete the payment process. You can avail this Qatar health card renewal by using  debit card. It’s also clarified that the charges will automatically show based on your Qatar ID(QID). 
MOI Qatar Health Card Renewal Online
  • Upon successful submission of your health card renewal application, you’ll have the option to either print the completion receipt or simply click the ‘Finish’ button to finalize the process. When utilizing the online health card renewal service, you should anticipate receiving a swift confirmation. This confirmation will be delivered to you via either email or SMS, depending on your selected preference.
MOI Qatar Health Card Renewal Online

Upon applying for the online health card renewal service, you can expect to promptly receive a confirmation. This confirmation will be delivered to you via either email or SMS, depending on your selected preference. It is also advised that please save Qatar health card renewal receipt for future use.

qatar health card renewal status

Qatar Health Card Renewal Offline

Renewing your Qatar health card is also possible by visiting either a Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) facility or the nearest Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) center located near your residence. Offline renewals are only accepted during the morning working hours. To successfully complete an offline health card renewal, make sure you have the following documents on hand:

  • Qatari(Men & Women):- Copy of valid Qatari ID or passport, passport-size(4cm x3cm)
  • Qatari Children: Qatari ID number along with ID health Card
  • G.C.C national(Qatari Men & Women) or Child:- Copy of Qatari ID with personal ID number and old Qatari health card.
  • Adult(Men & Women) residents: Qatari ID(QID) with valid residential permit and Qatari ID health card.
  • Children residents of Qatar: Qatari ID(QID) with valid residence/iqama permit, old Qatari health card and original Qatari ID of sponsor.
  • Domestic workers/staff: Qatari ID(QID) with valid residence/iqama permit, health card ID and original Qatari ID(QID) of sponsor.
Qatar Health Card Renewal Price

Qatar Health Card Renewal Price

Qatar health card renewal prices are as under:-

Expatriate(foreign) residents (Men, Women or children)QAR 100
Qatari citizens (Men, Women or children)QAR 50
GCC nationals (Men, Women or children)QAR 50
Domestic workers/ staffQAR 50

Reprinting a Damaged or Lost Health Card

If your health card is damaged or lost, you have the option to request a reprint through the official website. To do so, navigate to the website’s homepage and select the “Reprint” option. The steps required for this procedure are identical to the ones we previously discussed for health card renewal.

In the event of a lost valid health card, Qatari nationals will be charged QR 50, while non-Qataris will incur a QR 100 fee for obtaining a replacement. Presently, Qatar health card renewal fees is as mentioned above. It can change with the passage of time.

Health Card Renewal

Benefits of Hukoomi Health Card

Qatar boasts well-established medical services for its residents, characterized by high-quality infrastructure and healthcare standards. To improve access to these healthcare services, the Qatari government has implemented a health card system. This health card is available to all residents, regardless of their nationality. With a health card, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to subsidized healthcare services at all government facilities, including the renowned Hamad Medical Center (HMC).
  • The chance to make use of cutting-edge and state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies.
  • Holders of Hukoomi health cards can obtain medications at reduced rates from government-operated pharmacies.
  • An uncomplicated and user-friendly online process for renewing your health card.
Qatar Health Card Renewal Price

Qatar Health Card Renewal Check

To track the status of your application, you can visit the Hukoomi website. You will need to provide your QID (Qatar ID) number in order to proceed.

Complete Video Guide

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The Hukoomi health card serves as a comprehensive solution for accessing top-notch medical services in Qatar. It’s important to note that you must possess a valid health card to take advantage of these high-quality services.


Printing or downloading your Hamad Health Card receipt is not an available option. In the event that your card is lost or damaged, the process entails reapplying for a replacement. Applying online typically results in receiving your new card within a timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks, while applying in person usually results in a faster turnaround of 1 to 2 days.

For getting a duplicate Qatar health card due to loss or damage, you can easily put your request at any branch of Hamad Medical Corporation(H.M.C.C) health center or hospital. You should only pay a visit to the nearest Primary Health Care Centre(P.H.C.C) depending on your present/current location.  Here is a comprehensive guide outlining the steps to follow in this process.

Apply Offline Qatar Health Card

Step 1: Obtain a Qatar Police Report

  • First of all, please visit your nearest police station and report about the loss or damage of your health card.
  • After reporting to the Police Station, by getting  a police report, as it’s an essential document for the application process.
  • Attach the police report to your application for a replacement health card.

Step 2: Apply In-Person

The process of reprinting a loss or damaged Qatar health card, is an easy process, and you can proceed it promptly to follow these simple steps:

1. Pay visit to any nearest Hamad Medical Corporation Health Centre or hospital. The procedure/process can be started without any further delay.

2. Pay visit to any nearest Primary Health Care Centre (P.H.C.C). Upon your arrival, kindly approach the Patient and Visitor Service Center staff for guidance on how to proceed with your health card replacement request.

3. Complete the provided application forms and attach the necessary documents. These required documents typically include:

  •     The damaged health card sections, if applicable.
  •    Qatari expired health card copy, if it’s easily accessible.
  •    A police report detailing the loss or damage.
  •    A copy of your passport or ID.
  •    Two passport-size photographs.
  •    Your residency permit (RP).
  •    Your Qatar ID.

4. Submit your application and accompanying documents to the PHCC offices during the weekdays, specifically from 7:30 am to 2 pm.

5. PHCC officials will review your application and inform you of the requisite fees.

6.  By using your debit /credit card, make payment of the Qatari health card replacement fee. Other payment methods are not acceptable. 

7. The PHCC may either provide you with the replacement health card on the same day or request that you return on another day for collection.

This process ensures a smooth and efficient way to obtain a duplicate health card in Qatar.

Apply Online For Qatar Health Card

To initiate the process of replacing a lost or damaged health card in Qatar, follow these steps:

1. Beginning by visiting a police report is a necessary step for the application.

2. After informing the local police station of Qatar about the loss or damage of your Qatar health card. Get its report, now register on the Qatar e-Government Portal, if you’ve not already in possession. You can access the portal using this link: [Qatar e-Government Portal]

3. Visit on the portal, get access to the official website link for the online application page.

4. Click on the “Apply online” tab and complete the online form with all the required information.

5. Enter your Qatari ID number and select “Replace (Lost/Damaged health Expiry Date)” in the “Card Information” section. Then, click “Next.”

6. Choose the desired number of years for the card’s validity and select your preferred delivery option. Provide your contact number on the “Application Form” page.

7. You have several delivery options to choose from. You can either collect the card from Rumailah Hospital free of charge, pay a fee to collect it from a post office, or opt for card delivery to your location.

8. If you’ve chosen to receive the receipt voucher by email, provide your email address. Additionally, if you wish to receive an SMS notification when the replacement card is ready, enter your cell phone number.

9. Review the application carefully to ensure that all the provided information is accurate.

10. Finally, use a debit or credit card to pay the required fees and submit your application.

By following these steps and utilizing the Qatar e-Government portal, you can efficiently request a replacement health card in Qatar.

Required Documents Qatar Health Card

  • Sections of the damaged health card, if applicable.
  • A copy of your expired health card, if it remains accessible.
  • A police report confirming the loss or damage of the card.
  • A copy of either your passport or identification card for identity verification.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs adhering to the specified size and format.
  • Your residency permit (RP) to establish your legal status.
  • Your Qatar ID card, which is typically issued alongside your RP, serving as an essential piece of identification.


Regarding the fees for a replacement health card in Qatar, the charges are as follows:

If your health card is still valid:

  • – QR100 for Qataris and GCC residents.
  • – QR200 for non-GCC residents and domestic staff.

However, if your health card has expired, the fee for a new health card will be double the standard fee.

Processing Time

For the processing times of health card applications in Qatar, the following durations apply:

  • In-person application at the Primary Health Care Centre: Expect to receive your health card within 24 hours.
  • Online or post office application: If you choose to apply online or through a post office, you can anticipate the delivery of your health card within two to three weeks from the date of submitting your application.

Online Instructions:

To initiate the renewal process for your card through Qatar’s official e-Government Portal, follow these distinctive steps:

1. Commence by visiting the official website at [Qatar e-Government Portal]. Here, meticulously complete the online form by furnishing all the requisite information.

2. As you proceed to the “Card Information” section, input your unique Qatari ID number, and opt for the “Renew (Update Expiry Date)” option. Subsequently, click the “Next” button to proceed.

3. On the “Application Form” page, make a tailored choice for the number of years you wish to renew your card for, and provide your personalized telephone number.

4. Tailor your experience further by deciding whether you’d prefer to receive the receipt voucher via email. If so, kindly supply your unique email address. Alternatively, if personalized SMS notifications are more to your liking, kindly provide your individual cell phone number.

5. Continue your personalized journey by clicking “Next,” guiding you to the “Payment Details” page. Here, you’ll embark on the financial transaction by selecting “Pay.”

6. Conclude the procedure by successfully fulfilling the payment for the fees relevant to your renewal. Your personalized application is now ready for submission.

By following these distinct steps, you’ll seamlessly navigate the process to renew your card through Qatar’s e-Government Portal.

Offline Instructions:

To obtain a new health card or renew an existing one in Qatar, you can follow these steps at any HMC facility or a health center affiliated with the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC):

1. Visit an HMC Facility or PHCC Health Center: Choose a convenient HMC facility or a health center affiliated with PHCC to begin the process.

2. Submit the Appropriate Documents:

  • For Qatar Nationals: Present a copy of your valid ID or passport and a passport-size photo (4cmx3cm).
  • For Qatari Children: Provide their ID number and old health card.
  • For GCC National Adults: Submit a copy of your ID with a Qatar personal identity number and your old health card.
  • For GCC National Children: Present a copy of their ID with a Qatar personal identity number and their old health card.
  • For Adult Residents: Bring your QID (Qatar ID) with a valid residence permit and your old health card.
  • For Children Residents: Provide your child’s QID with a valid residence permit, their old health card, and the original QID of the sponsor (usually a parent or guardian).
  • For Domestic Staff: Submit your QID with a valid residence permit, the original QID of the sponsor, and your old health card.

3. Payment of Fees: Pay the required fees associated with obtaining or renewing the health card. The fees may vary depending on your specific category and circumstances.

Following these steps will help you obtain or renew your health card in Qatar, ensuring that you have access to healthcare services as needed. Please note that fee structures and requirements may change over time, so it’s advisable to check with the specific healthcare facility or PHCC center for the most up-to-date information.


The fees for health card applications in Qatar vary depending on the type of applicant:

  • Qatari adults and children are required to pay a fee of QR50.
  • GCC nationals, both adults and children, also have a fee of QR50.
  • Residents, regardless of age, are charged a fee of QR100.
  • Domestic staff members are required to pay a fee of QR50.

These fees are applicable based on the applicant’s status and help cover the cost of health services and access to medical facilities in Qatar. Please note that these fee structures are subject to change, so it’s advisable to verify the current fees with the relevant authorities or healthcare facilities at the time of application.

To acquire a fresh health card in Qatar, you’ll need to embark on a distinct and well-defined journey:

Step 1: A Visit to Your Local Primary Health Care Center (PHCC)

  • Kickstart the process by heading to the closest Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) in your residential vicinity.
  • While at the PHCC, navigate through the paperwork and dutifully complete the requisite forms.
  • As a vital part of this process, you will be assigned a personalized PHCC health file number, marking the commencement of your health card journey.

Step 2: Prepare the Precise Documentation

For Qatari Adults:

  • Unveil your valid Qatar Identification Card (QID) as the cornerstone of your identity.
  • Present a 4cmx3cm passport-sized photograph, capturing your essence in portrait.
  • Extend your payment of fifty Qatari Riyals (QR. 50) as the entry fee to this healthcare journey.

For Qatari Children:

  • Share a birth certificate, adorned with the QID number, unveiling your journey into the world.
  • Reveal your valid Qatar Identification Card (QID) to authenticate your identity.
  • Display a passport-sized photograph measuring 4cmx3cm, a visual testament to your growth.
  • If this marks your first venture into the healthcare realm, furnish the Inoculation Card as well.
  • Contribute fifty Qatari Riyals (QR. 50) as your investment in your health journey.

For GCC National Adult Residents:

  • Lay bare your valid Qatar Identification Card (QID), bearing the imprint of your residency.
  • Exhibit a passport-sized photograph measuring 4cmx3cm, a visual chapter in your healthcare narrative.
  • If you’re on the path of renewal, bring forth your trusty old health card.
  • Make a payment of a fee of 50 Qatari Riyals (QR. 50) as the passage fee to renew your health passport.

For GCC National Child Residents:

  • Present a birth certificate, an essential entry document to your healthcare story.
  • Flaunt your valid Qatar Identification Card (QID), the identity canvas.
  • Showcase a 4cmx3cm passport-sized photograph, a visual thread connecting past and present.
  • If it’s your healthcare debut, introduce the Inoculation Card as an opening chapter.
  • For those renewing their healthcare vows, bring along the old health card.
  • Contribute 50 Qatari Riyals

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