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Qatar ID Renewal 2023 : How Simple and Easy Process Everyone Must Know

Do you wish to know Qatar ID renewal? A Qatar ID is a national identity card in Qatar, it’s an official identification valid document that Qatar Government issues in favor of its nationals(residents/workers of other countries. The Qatar ID is considered a key of all locks(opening a bank account, obtaining a driving license, getting government service, and much more).

This Qatar ID serves as your valid document of identity in Qatar whether you’re a Qatari national or an expatriate.

Qatar ID Renewal Online

This card is mandatory to show when and where it is demanded by the Qatari officials for checking your identity.  It also includes:-

  • Qatar ID holder’s photo
  • Complete Name.
  • Qatar ID(QID) number.
  • Valid birthdate.
  • Nationality of QID holder
  • Signature and complete information of sponsor information.

The unique 11-digit number, commonly referred to as a QID number, plays a critical role in the government’s database for preserving personal information. It is also instrumental in verifying the identity and residency status of expatriates in Qatar, and it is a key component when checking for MOI Qatar ID renewal.

To begin the Qatar ID application process, start by visiting the official Ministry of Interior Qatar website. Here, you can access the online Qatar ID renewal form and fill it out. To get an understanding of the prerequisites for obtaining your ID card, head to the “Department Services” section, specifically under “Official Documents Services,” and proceed to select “Qatar ID Card Request.”

Required Necessary Documents To Obtain your Qatar ID(QID)

If you want to apply for Qatar ID(QID), the following important documents are required for that purpose:-

  • Children under the age of 12 and individuals aged 65 and above are required to provide two passport-sized photographs.
  • A complete filled out and valid application form can be obtained  from the MOI’s ( Ministry of Interior) website.
  • Passport (original and photocopy)of the person who wants to apply for QID
  • Blood Group Tests specified by the Qatar Authority.
  • Birth certificate photocopy
  • A letter of consent from parents or guardians.
  • Physical appearance, for the 1st time applicants, is mandatory.
  • Medical assessment results along with blood type
  • Biometric/Fingerprint record.

Furthermore, you might encounter additional requirements like:

  • Authentic X-ray examinations
  • For foreign employees, it is important to complete any other necessary procedures, and in most cases, the employer is responsible for covering the cost of the ID card application.

Furthermore, you might encounter additional requirements like:

  • Authentic X-ray examinations
  • For foreign employees, it is important to complete any other necessary procedures, and in most cases, the employer is responsible for covering the cost of the ID card application.

How to Check your Qatar ID

If you desire to know the two methods to check the status of your Qatar ID renewal, which is a frequently asked question of many people:-

With the QID number:

  • Go the MOI Qatar website and search  “Qatar ID Check Portal”
  • Write your Qatar ID (QID) number.
  • Now try to solve captcha.
  • Select the option “Search”.

This process is simple and straightforward, much like checking your Qatar visa status online.

With the Passport Number:

  • Visit the MOI Qatar official website and search the query “Qatar ID Check Portal”
  • Write your passport number.
  • Choose your nationality, now.
  • Select the option “Search”.

How Can I Qatar ID Renewal?

The Qatar ID (QID) comes with a designated expiration date, and it is crucial to renew your Qatar ID promptly. To learn more about the significance of your Qatar ID and the application process, please refer to our dedicated article. Certainly, here is a comprehensive QID renewal requirements and step-by-step guide on how to proceed with Qatar ID renewal check.

QID Renewal Online

The Qatar ID comes with a predefined expiration date. After the QID expires, individuals, sponsors, or ID holders are granted a three-month grace period for renewal without incurring penalties. Furthermore, the Qatar ID can be extended up to three months before its expiry date.

In the case of renewals occurring after the grace period, the Ministry of Interior enforces a QR 10 daily fine. To ascertain your expiry date, simply follow the Qatar ID renewal check process we’ve previously outlined.

When it comes to extending your Qatar ID, there are both offline and online renewal options at your disposal. However, it’s worth noting that online renewals are restricted to one to three years, depending on your Qatar ID renewal status. This detailed guide about Qatar ID renewal process will lead you through the Qatar ID renewal procedure, providing step-by-step instructions for your convenience.

1. Qatar ID Renewal-Online

  • Get your smart Qatar ID card ready
  • Utilize your smart card to access the MOI e-services portal.
  • Select the option “Residency Services” after this “Renew Residency”.
  • If you are an individual or an employer, you need to choose the Qatar ID number that necessitates renewal 
  • Then opt for the desired renewal term for the selected Qatar ID (QID).
  • Now select the delivery method for your new Qatar ID(QID) or residence permit.
  • Make payment of the fees.

You can also perform this function of  your Qatar ID renewal status through the MOI website.

2. Metrash2 App

  • Login to your Metrash2 App account.
  • Select the option “Residency Services” after this “Renew Residency”.
  • Select the option “Next” after choosing personal (individuals) or Corporate Residence Renewal.
  • When you desire to renew your (QID) Qatar ID, whether you’re a single person or an employer, you must choose the specific Qatar ID number that needs renewal.
  • Choose the expiry period for the RP/QID/Qatar ID.
  • Select the delivery method for your new QID or residence permit.
  • In the renewal process, ensure you specify the delivery location for the new Qatar ID or residence permit.
  • Before proceeding with the renewal, carefully review the details to ensure their accuracy.
  • Verify the details once more to confirm their accuracy.
  • Make payment of your fees with debit or credit card.

3. Qatar ID Renewal-Offline

Process For Citizens:

Here are the steps to update a Qatar ID card through offline means:

  • Download and complete the application form from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.
  • Visit the Department of Nationality and Travel Documents.
  •  When applying for renewal, ensure you bring your current Qatar ID (QID) card with you.
  • If you are 65 years of age or older, provide two passport-sized photos and pay the required fees.

Process For Foreigners

  • To update a Qatar ID card offline, you should follow these steps:
  • Start by downloading and completing the application form.
  • In addition to the application form, you will need to submit the following documents:
  • A copy of the valid employer’s identification (for personal sponsorships) is required.
  • Additionally, you’ll need to submit a copy of the employer’s legitimate Establishment ID for government entities, companies, institutions, and others.
  • Once you have the completed application form and the necessary documents, submit them to the Expats Affairs Department.

This process will help you update your Qatar ID card offline as required.

Qatar ID Costs/Fee

Through this service provided by the Ministry of Interior, residents have the opportunity to register for smart IDs and customize their preferred services and duration (MOI).

The cost associated with a smart card and e-gate services in Qatar is as follows:

  • The price of a smart card is QAR 100, which is the same as that of a conventional ID card.

For e-gate services, the fees are as follows:

  •   1 year of e-gate services costs QAR 100.
  •  2 years of e-gate services cost QAR 150.
  •   3 years of e-gate services cost QAR 200.

These fees mentioned above are applicable for only those individuals who desire to avail themselves of the facility of the e-gate services in Qatar.

Qatar ID Renewal Fees in Qatar

Here are the fees associated with various categories for smart cards and e-gate services in QID renewal cost/charges:

  • QAR 500: This fee is applicable to children, spouses, and family sponsorships for a year.
  • QAR 1,000: Employees sponsored by institutions, companies, and shops can access e-gate services for a year with this option.
  • QAR 300: The fee is relevant for employees with individual sponsorships, as well as for farmers, sailors, and domestic workers, and it covers one year.
  • QAR 20: A delivery fee is charged for the delivery of smart cards or other related services.

The fees can vary based on the specific service category and the duration required in Qatar.

Possessing an ID card in the Middle East holds significant advantages. In fact, having an ID card is often a prerequisite for various activities, including job applications. Furthermore, an ID card grants you access to government services and allows unrestricted travel within the country.

Additionally, it enables you to obtain a credit card and open a bank account. It functions as a dependable form of identification and serves as a valuable tool for confirming your identity. Finally, with the knowledge of how to check Qatar ID renewal, you can smoothly navigate the renewal process without any complications.

Qatar ID Renewal Tracking

QID renewal tracking is a valuable service that enables you to monitor the status of your residency permit (RP) renewal application online. This service allows you to keep tabs on the progress of your application, track the delivery of your new QID card, and stay informed about any potential issues or delays.

It’s a convenient way to stay updated on your residency permit status and avoid any problems or penalties. QID renewal tracking offers a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on the status of your residency permit and avoid any potential complications or penalties.

To make use of this QID renewal tracking Qpost service , just visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar website and furnish your QID number along with a verification code. This straightforward process allows you to access important information about your RP renewal, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

QID Renewal Time Require

Often residents of Kuwait and expats want to know how many days are required for Qatar ID renewal .QID renewal time typically takes between three to five working days, although in certain situations, it might extend to up to seven days.


In the last, I hope all the queries related to Qatar ID Renewal has been covered in it and nothing left untouched in this subject. If you want to know more and have any question in your mind please do share with us.

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