Kuwait Civil ID Name Change

How Simple Kuwait Civil ID Name Change In 2023

If you’re now aware about the Kuwait Civil ID name change method, you should know it . As the Ministry of Interior(MOI) Kuwait took strict action and canceled the printing of residency strikers on passports in the past. All the information/details will be printed on your Kuwait Civil ID which will be utilized to prove your residency in Kuwait during traveling.

The name on your Civil ID should be according to your passport, if the name is not matched, you can not be allowed to travel in Kuwait. After the implementation of this rule, so many complaints have come to notice regarding wrong spellings on Civil ID, which became a reason for the rush on PACI offices for name updating. So as a citizen it is prime duty to book your appointment for Kuwait PACI Civil ID name correction to save yourself from future inconvenience.

Do you want to know how to update your Kuwait Civil ID name change online? If you wish to change your name on your Civil ID according to your passport, you can easily change your name through the PACI service called “Updated Latin Name for Non-Kuwaiti”. We’ll discuss this article thoroughly and step by step.

The name updating is mandatory and could match your Civil ID with passport. If it has problem in name you’ve to require these documents for a Civil ID change:-

Document For Civil ID Change

Your Civil ID card serial # on the back
Receive verification code after providing mobile number
Picture with blue background(24 X6)

  • Your Civil ID card serial # on the back
  • Receive verification code after providing mobile #
  • Picture with blue background(24 X6)

In this article, we’ll try to provide an easiest and simple way to change your Kuwait Civil ID name in a few minutes. You can do this update on your laptops, PC and mobile phones. First of all, review/check the validity of your Civil ID and check your own Civil ID Status.

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change – Complete Procedure

If you want to know the complete procedure of Kuwait Civil ID Name Change or Civil ID Latin name change, Correction and address, you’ve to follow these easy steps:-

  • Step 1. Search on Google the “PACI eEnvelope System” website. This website is in two languages i.e Arabic/English. You opt any language from these two.
Kuwait Civil ID Name Change
Kuwait Civil ID Name Change
  • Step 3. Write your  your Civil ID # and serial #(backside of card). You can change or update your information/details on those conditions if you submitted a Civil ID for renewal, if not, you can’t update your “Latin Name” because of no issuance request.
Kuwait Civil ID Name Change
  • Step 4.  In this step, you’ll have to verify your mobile # and a verification SMS will be received on this mobile #.
  • Step 5. Fill your personal information,(blood group/type is optional) but if you want to update it also you have to upload an authentic lab report. 
  • Step 6.  Upload required documents in accepted format 
Kuwait Civil ID Name Change
  • Step 7.  After this online process, You’ll receive an application’s reference # to your provided mobile #, this will be very beneficial and helpful in tracking your application’s progress.
  • Step 8. Maybe you’ve to wait for few days, after manual check of your application, once your application is approved you’ll receive a link on your mobile # for making the payment of KD5. Then you’ll visit the South Surrah office to replace your old Civil ID with a new one.

Civil ID Arabic Name Correction Kuwait

The Civil ID in Kuwait is used as an important national identification card(NIC) for Kuwaiti residents. It has personal information details such as your name, nationality, and a specific identification number. To change or update your Arabic name on your Civil ID is an easy process, and it’s mandatory to follow legal procedures.

  • Legal Requirements: Understand Ministry of Interior regulations and gather necessary documents.
  • Document Preparation: Fill out the name change form, and provide proof of identity, supporting documents, and passport-sized photos.
  • Application Submission: Submit online or in person at the Ministry of Interior.
  • Review and Processing: Wait for document verification and background checks.
  • Approval and Notification: Receive approval notification via email or registered address.
  • Updating Civil ID: Visit the Civil ID office with approval notification, update biometric data if required, and collect your new Civil ID.

To change or update your Arabic name on your Civil ID in Kuwait is a simple process regulated by the Ministry of Interior(MOI). You have to follow these easy steps and provide the requisite documents, you can ensure a smooth transition. If you feel confused check our website for this purpose.


I hope this article will be very helpful and will guide you on Kuwait Civil ID name change. The same procedure is for Kuwait Civil ID change address and change name ID card. Our team is making an effort to dig out new updates regarding Civil ID and other relevant information. If you want to get assistance/help in this process, you can contact me easily.

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