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Ratibi Card Salary Check Online – 4 Simplified Ways to Know Balance in 2023

Do you wish to know the Ratibi card salary check method? If you’re searching for valuable information on the Ratibi card, you’re on the right platform. The Ratibi card, offered by FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank), is a prepaid card distributed to salaried individuals as part of the UAE government’s Wage Protection System (WPS).

This system ensures timely and secure wage payments, promoting transparency and safeguarding employee rights. The Ratibi card proves beneficial for a range of financial transactions such as ATM withdrawals, online shopping, and balance inquiries.

Monitoring your FAB Ratibi card salary check/balance is vital for efficient financial management and service. Regularly reviewing your balance keeps you abreast of available funds, enabling better expense planning. This practice also aids in identifying discrepancies or unauthorized transactions promptly, empowering you to take immediate corrective measures.

Hence, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the various online methods to check your Ratibi card salary.

What is a Ratibi Card?

A Ratibi Card, provided by First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), is a payroll card designed for convenient salary distribution. It functions as an alternative to conventional banking, making it particularly suitable for individuals without traditional bank accounts.

Employers can transfer salaries directly to these cards, replacing checks or cash. Similar to a debit card, it allows cash withdrawals, POS purchases, and online shopping. Ratibi Cards save costs associated with check printing and cash handling, providing a secure and cost-effective solution for both employers and employees.

Methods of Ratibi Card Salary Check Online

There are 4 ways of FAB Ratibi card salary check online and they are all very easy and simple. These 4 ways of Ratibi salary card balance inquiry are very effective and user-friendly.

ratibi balance check

Method No.1

Ratibi Card Salary Check / Balance Using Website

  • To check your Ratibi Card salary/balance online, simply search for the official website of FAB, the issuer of the Ratibi Prepaid Card, on Google.
  • Now on the upside of your card, enter the last 2 digits from the 16-digit card number.
  • After this enter your card ID number consists of 13-digits and on the lower side of the card.
  • In the last step, after entering the card ID number, click on the button “Go” ; the balance of your Ratibi card will be displayed on the screen of your computer.
ratibi card salary check app

Method No. 2

Checking Ratibi Card Balance Using Mobile App

The Ratibi card salary check app method is given below which easy and simple.

  • Head to the Mobile App Store, download the FAB Bank mobile app, and proceed with the installation.
  • After mobile app installation, launch your mobile app, now create your account and try to link your Ratibi card to the mobile application.
  • After completing all the steps, log in with your original information. It is up to you whether you’ve enabled 2-factor authentication, so be prepared for an additional security code if applicable.
  • Once logged in, the dashboard will greet you. Look for the “Checking Balance” option.
  • Tap “Check Balance,” and voila! Your Ratibi Card balance will promptly appear on your screen. No more queues or ATM visits. Easily check your balance from home or on the go, providing real-time updates on your account, including recent transactions. Always use the official website or app for Ratibi Card Balance Check to ensure the security and encryption of your financial data.
ratibi card salary check SMS service

Method No. 3

Ratibi Card Salary Check / Balance Using SMS Service

If you like things quick and simple, here’s a unique feature: the Ratibi card offers an SMS service. Just send a specific keyword to a designated number, and voila! You’ll get an SMS with your current Ratibi card balance after the request is processed. Easy, right?

ratibi card salary check Customer Support

Method No. 4

Customer Support

If you face any problem or challenge or have questions, the FAB customer support team is ready to assist you 24/7! Reach out at 600 52 5500. They’re ready to assist, ensuring smooth solutions and accurate info about your Ratibi card balance.

Valuable Tips and Best Practices

  • Keep your financial game strong by regularly checking your Ratibi card balance.
  • Safeguard your Ratibi card login details as if they were a secret code to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Stay proactive! Report any suspicious transactions promptly to the Ratibi card customer support team.
  • Explore the extra perks and services on the Ratibi card website or app for a more empowered account management experience.


Easily monitor your Ratibi card balance through the official FAB Bank website, mobile app, or SMS service. Regular checks empower you to stay in control of your finances, make informed decisions, and address issues promptly. Utilize technology to access your Ratibi card balance conveniently, anytime, and anywhere. I hope you’ve learned a lot about how to check Ratibi card balance online in detailed.


Absolutely! The Ratibi card provides a convenient SMS service for checking your balance. Just send a specific keyword to the designated number, and voila! You’ll get an SMS showcasing your current Ratibi card balance. Quick and hassle-free!

Skip the account creation on the Ratibi card website – it’s not required for securely accessing your card balance and account details. Just share your details, and you’re good to go!

  • Craft a text message using this format: CACT [last four digits of your credit card] [four-digit PIN of your choice]. 
  • Double-check the details.
  • Send this SMS to 2121.
  • Your PIN will be set, and your card will be activated within minutes of sending this message.

If you have questions about your Ratibi card balance, contact FAB Bank’s support team for quick assistance. They’re here to help!

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