NBAD Balance Inquiry

NBAD Balance Inquiry-How to Check NBAD Bank Balance by 4 Simple Methods in 2024?

Do you wish to know NBAD Balance Inquiry online methods. You can check NBAD balance inquiry Abu Dhabi through various online methods. NABD, established in 1968, grew to become the largest bank in Abu Dhabi and a key player in the financial landscape of the UAE. Evolving into the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), it not only solidified its position domestically but also expanded globally.

NBAD offered a diverse range of banking and financial products tailored for individuals, companies, and institutions. The services areas provided by NBAD are retail banking, corporate banking service, investment banking, private banking and asset management banking and more.

NBAD focused on meeting diverse customer needs and maintaining a strong presence in local and international markets. Through commitment to innovation and technology, the bank adapted to the changing banking landscape and provided advanced digital services. In 2017, NBAD and FGB merged to form First Abu Dhabi Bank.

NBAD Balance Inquiry-How to Check NBAD Bank Balance by 4 Simple Methods?

You can inquire about your NBAD balance inquiry of account through various methods. How to Check NBAD Bank Balance?

NBAD online Balance Inquiry

1. Online Method

To verify your NBAD balance inquiry online, adhere to these steps:

  • First of all, visit the official NBAD(National Bank of Abu Dhabi) website and  try to access the Official Internet Banking portal.
  • After this log in to your own account by filling  relevant information i.e your username and password.
  • When you log in, you’ll see a simple dashboard that gives you a quick overview of all your accounts and how much money is available in each.
  • Now choose the relevant account you desire to check, and it will provide detailed information, including the current balance.
  • Examine recent transactions and account activity to monitor fluctuations in the balance over a period.
  • For security purposes, make sure to log out of your internet banking account after verifying your balance and finishing online tasks.
NBAD mobile app

2. Mobile App

To know your balance through the NBAD or FAB(First Abu Dhabi Bank) mobile banking application, follow these simple steps:

  • Install the official NBAD or FAB mobile banking app from your device’s app store.
  • Access the mobile app by entering your credentials or utilizing alternative authentication methods such as fingerprint, facial recognition, or PIN.
  • Upon login, you’ll reach the account overview or home screen, displaying a summary of your accounts with available balances.
  • If you possess multiple accounts, simply tap on the specific one you wish to review.
  • The app will show detailed information for the selected account, including the current balance and recent transactions.
  • After verifying your balance and completing other banking tasks, remember to log out of the mobile banking app for security.

3. NBAD ATM Balance Check using ATM

To know the balance of your NBAD(National Bank of Abu Dhabi) account at an ATM, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all go to the nearest NBAD ATM
  • Now insert your own NBAD CARD.
  • Enter your secret PIN for accessing your NBAD account.
  • Choose the option “Check Balance”. Your available balance in your NBAD account will be displayed on the screen.
NBAD Balance Inquiry

4. Customer Care

If you want to check your NBAD(National Bank of Abu Dhabi) or FAB(First Abu Dhabi Bank) account balance through customer care no. 600 540000, follow these easy steps:

  • Call the customer care or helpline number 600 540000 for NBAD or FAB, typically located on the bank’s official website or your debit/credit card.
  • Upon connecting with a representative, ensure security by confirming your identity with details like your account number, full name, date of birth, and other pertinent information.
  • Let the customer care representative know that you intend to inquire about your account balance.
  • The customer care representative will retrieve your account details and furnish your current balance.
  • Pay close attention to ensure the accuracy of the provided account balance. If you’ve any further queries,  don’t hesitate to ask them during the call.
  • Express your appreciation to the customer care representative for their assistance, and then politely conclude the call.

Remember: For proper verification please ensure and call from your own registered mobile phone that is linked with your own NBAD bank. Maintain confidentiality of any shared personal information to safeguard your account security.

NBAD online Balance Inquiry

NBAD salary check

With an NBAD(National Bank of Abu Dhabi) bank account, you can electronically view your salary by following these steps:

  • Go on Google Search and visit the Official Website of NBAD Bank.
  • After this step, card services page the PrePaid Card Inquiry(NBAD balance inquiry online prepaid card) will display.
  • Enter the last 2-digits of the NBAD card number in the relevant field.
  • Enter your own Card ID.
  • Choose the option “ GO”.
  • Your account details including balance  will be shown immediately.

Cards Offered by the Bank

NBAD provides a range of prepaid cards designed to meet diverse customer preferences. These cards allow users to pre-load funds, enabling them to make purchases, conduct online transactions, and withdraw cash within the available balance. Some of the prepaid card options offered by NBAD include:

  1. Ratibi prepaid card(NBAD Balance Inquiry Ratibi Prepaid Card)
  2. Blue e-Dirham prepaid card
  3. Red e- Dirham prepaid card
  4. Green e-Dirham prepaid card
  5. Silver e-Dirham prepaid card
  6. Gold e-Dirham prepaid card

Collaborating with the UAE Treasury, NBAD offers e-Dirham cards in green, red, blue, and gold variants. These cards are designed for various ministries and government agencies in the UAE. Notably, applicants do not need an NBAD bank account to apply for these cards.

Prepaid Card Features and Benefits

The features of NBAD prepaid cards may differ based on the card type and the bank’s terms and conditions. Nevertheless, some common features include:

1. Prepaid Loading

Users can pre load funds onto prepaid cards in advance through different channels, including bank transfers, cash deposits, or online top-ups.

2. Global Acceptance

NBAD prepaid cards commonly feature affiliations with major payment networks like Visa or Mastercard. This enables widespread acceptance at millions of merchants globally and facilitates online transactions.

3. Security

NBAD prepaid cards enhance security, reducing the potential risk of exposing sensitive financial information while conducting transactions.

4. Online Shopping

NBAD prepaid cards are well-suited for online shopping, providing users with a convenient and secure method to make purchases across various e-commerce platforms.

5. ATM Withdrawals

Depending on the available balance and any applicable fees, users have the option to withdraw cash from ATMs using their NBAD prepaid cards.

6. Gift Giving

Prepaid gift cards are a popular gifting option, enabling recipients to select items they desire from participating merchants.

Benefits of Regular Balance Checks

Regularly keeping an eye on your account balances is vital for various reasons and plays a pivotal role in sustaining sound financial practices. Here are the main reasons why consistently monitoring your account balances is crucial:

  • Accurate Financial Overview: Obtain a precise understanding of your account balances for informed financial decision-making.
  • Efficient Income and Expense Tracking: Monitor your income and expenses to stay within your financial means and avoid exceeding your budget.
  • Overdraft Prevention: Avoid the occurrence of overdrafts by ensuring your expenditures align with your account balance.
  • Fraud Detection: Quickly identify any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions through regular monitoring.
  • Efficient Bill Management: Plan and manage bill payments more efficiently by staying aware of your account balances.

Tips for Account Security and Privacy

Ensuring the security of your account and upholding privacy is paramount in today’s digital age, marked by the prevalence of cyber threats. Here are some important tips to safeguard your accounts and personal information:-

1. Strong Passwords

Create robust and distinct passwords for all your accounts. A strong and secure password generally consists of a combination of different special characters including uppercase and lowercase letters. Steer clear of using easily predictable information such as birth dates or names.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

Activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) whenever available. M.F.A (Multi-Factor Authentication) enhances safety and security by requiring multiple forms of identification, like a password and a one-time password, to access your accounts. This additional layer of protection significantly strengthens overall security.

3. Secure Wi-Fi Connections

Do not use public Wifi for your sensitive activities like online banking and transactions. Always choose a safe and secure and private internet connection, such as home network or your mobile phone data, to increase the safety of your transaction.

4. Protect Personal Information

Do not share sensitive information like account numbers or passwords with anyone, even if they assert they are from the bank or a trusted source.

5. Use Secure Websites

Make sure that the websites you use for online banking have a secure connection (check for “https://” in the URL and a padlock icon). Do not click on unknown or suspicious links and sources to minimize the risk of potential security threats.

6. Keep Bank Informed

If you update your mobile number or email, inform your bank immediately. This step will help you receive important communications and security-related notifications. This ensures you receive security alerts and notifications in a timely manner.

By adhering to these guidelines and taking a proactive stance on account security and privacy, you can significantly minimize the risk of falling prey to fraud or cyberattacks, thereby safeguarding your financial well-being.


NBAD (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) in the UAE offers a comprehensive range of banking and financial services tailored for individuals, businesses, and institutions. The bank offers different types of prepaid cards and salary cards tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

With NBAD’s prepaid cards, users can load funds onto the card in advance, ensuring convenience, security, and effective budget management.

The prepaid cards cater to various purposes, including travel, online shopping, gifting, and business use. NBAD customers have multiple channels, such as Internet banking, mobile banking apps, and customer care, to check their account balances. These methods ensure swift and convenient access to account information.

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