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MOI Portal Kuwait 2023 – Complete and Easy Guide For You

This MOI Portal Kuwait is an excellent service that allows individuals to access services and important information, such as applications for visas and their renewal, payments of traffic fines, iqama/residency permits, etc. You can also search MOI Kuwait jobs which have good pay. This article highlights the features and services offered through portal and how they’re transforming how Kuwaitis can interact with the MOI(Ministry of Interior).

MOI Portal Kuwait- Easy Guide

The MOI portal Kuwait, facilitates individuals, businesses, and the government with a variety of unique digital services. The details of services are as under:-

  • Passport Data Inquiry(For Kuwaitis Nationals) 
  • Registration Data Inquiry (For Kuwaitis Voters)
  •  Information of Warranty Inquiry Service Iqama/residency info/fine values in the event of expiration(For Non-Kuwaitis/Expatriates)
  •  Visa Data Inquiry Service 
  • Driving License Info Service Vehicle 
  • License Data Inquiry Service Traffic Fines/Violations
  • Info Data Inquiry Service Travel Ban Data 
  • Inquiry Service Info 
  • Judgment Execution Data 
  • Inquiry Service 
  • Visa Application Status Check

How to Check Traffic Fine on MOI Portal

The digital platform MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fine is managed by MOI Kuwait to assist people to inquire about their traffic violations along with their imposed fines. This excellent service provides complete information and guidance about how to check traffic fines and pay traffic fines. 

The MOI Traffic website allows Kuwaiti residents (citizens/workers/students) to check their fine details by entering traffic violation details and numbers. The sole aim is to streamline the payment process, and fines of traffic violations and make life easy and simple for Kuwaitis.

MOI Portal Kuwait

How to Check Traffic Violations in Kuwait Through MOI Portal Kuwait website/App?

This service is very easy and provides complete information about traffic fines by using the MOI Traffic Fine Check Service through the MOI website or MOI Mobile Portal Kuwait. This service saves them from future problems. Here are very easy and simple steps and by following these steps you can check outstanding fines. You can view info about unpaid fines and penalties.

  • Visit and MOI Kuwait login portal (website) or access through MOI Mobile Portal Kuwait.
  • Enter the Traffic Violation number and vehicle registration number
  • You can view info about unpaid fines and penalties.

MOI Portal Kuwait Website( English)

The MOI Portal Kuwait website( which is in Arabic and English for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. You have the option to apply and renew visas, traffic fines payment, apply for iqama/residency permits and many other excellent digital services. This website also indicates all the latest activities of MOI and services. MOI Kuwait contact number(customer care number) is +965 9666 6117.  The office of MOI Portal Kuwait is located at Area 7, Al-farwaniya, PO BOX No.441, North Khaitan 81015, Kuwait.

MOI Kuwait Residency/Iqama Information

MOI Kuwait Residency/Iqama Information The MOI(Ministry of Interior) also offers a wide range of digital services like iqama/residency permits and renewal for expatriates. You can visit “MOI Kuwait Login Residency Renewal”, for this purpose. This MOI’s residency/iqama service provides the following excellent features:- 

  • Requirement and complete procedure for Kuwait residency/iqama for obtaining or renewing.
  • Permit fee on each residency/iqama(Detailed Info)
  • Information related to additional digital services(residency/iqama permits/applications/renewals)
  • MOI website or MOI Mobile Portal Kuwait has made it simple and easy to access by any individual who is living in Kuwait by using this platform. 


This is a fantastic service and it has made the life of every citizen in Kuwait easy and simple. The use of information technology by the State of Kuwait, shows the excellent vision for serving its own people.

Kuwait, under the administration of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), is dedicated to providing a range of facilities and services to its people. The MOI plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of the nation’s residents. Through its various initiatives, the MOI offers a diverse array of services that cater to the needs of the population.

These include efficient biometric enrollment procedures, streamlined residency renewal processes for domestic workers, families, and workers, and strict verification of fingerprints by authorized personnel. Kuwait’s MOI prioritizes the comfort and convenience of its citizens, striving to deliver exceptional facilities to foster a harmonious living environment for all.

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