How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait

How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait- Apply For Civil ID in 7 Easy Steps

How To Apply For Civil ID in Kuwait:-Obtaining a Civil ID in Kuwait might seem complex, particularly for newcomers.  Let’s try to make this process simple, we have written a comprehensive article to guide you how to apply for civil ID in Kuwait. This guide covers the required documents and the step-by-step procedure, whether you opt for an in-person or online application method.

How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait?(Methods)

If you’re a resident of Kuwait, securing a Civil ID is vital for accessing a range of services in the country. In Kuwait, The PACI(The Public Authority for Civil Information) gives  two kinds of facilities for applying for a Civil ID:-

  • Online 
  • In-person
how long does it take to get a civil id in kuwait

How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait-Online

To apply for a Civil ID online facilitates an easy and simple method to get your Civil ID in Kuwait, especially if in-person application is not possible. To apply for your Civil ID online, just follow these uncomplicated steps:-

  1. Search on Google the Website of PACI(Public Authority for Civil Information)
  2. Choose the option ”New User Registration” for creation of an account.
  3. After the process of account creation, login to the website (PACI e-Service Portal).
  4. Now choose “Civil ID” from the menu and choose the option “New Application” and click on it.
  5. Write your personal information in detail and upload the required/relevant documents.
  6. After the submission of your application, make payment of your fee online.
  7. In the end, wait for the process of application for a few moments. After successfully completing this process, you can expect to receive a notification through both SMS and email once your Civil ID is ready for collection.

How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait-In-Person Application

For obtaining a Civil ID in-person, is an easy and quick process that can be finished in just few steps. To apply for a Civil ID in person, here’s what you’ll need to do:-

  1. Pay visit to the nearest PACI office in your area.
  2. Obtain the application form and fill it with all your personal details in it. If you feel some confusion, ask the office staff.
  3. Once you’ve completed the form, proceed to submit the application along with all the necessary documents and the required fee.
  4. You’ve to wait for the process of your application. You will be notified via SMS on the mobile number you provided when your Civil ID is ready for collection.
How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait

Eligibility Criteria for a Civil ID

In Kuwait, possessing a Civil ID is essential for accessing a wide range of services. To be eligible for a Civil ID, you must either be a resident or a citizen of Kuwait. Expatriates with a valid residency visa are also eligible, with the exception of children under the age of 5.

The application process typically involves providing a birth certificate, passport, and a sponsorship letter. This ID card is a fundamental document for individuals living in Kuwait, allowing them to engage in various activities and access necessary services.

Documents Required for a Civil ID

To start the application process for a Civil ID in Kuwait, you will need to provide several crucial documents, including:-

  • Required a valid residency visa/iqama.
  • Required a copy of your passport and residency visa/iqama.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Original or copy of your birth certificate.
  • Residency paperwork from your sponsor.
  • Fee of 5 KD (approximately $16).

How to Apply Civil ID in Newborn Baby Kuwait

Here’s the same procedure broken down into easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Collect Pink Paper from Hospital (20-25 Days)

  • Visit the hospital between 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Bring the pink paper and required documents: discharge summary, copies of parents’ civil IDs, and an attested marriage certificate from Kuwait and India (bring originals too).

Step 2: Apply for Birth Certificate

  • Wait for about a week after receiving the pink paper, then go to the Sabhan Birth Registration Office.

Step 3: Attest Birth Certificate from MOFA

  • Visit the Abbasiya Telecommunications Building Ground Floor.
  • Pay 5 KD for attesting the birth certificate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Step 4: Apply for Insurance

  • Submit a copy of the sponsor’s Civil ID and the Arabic birth certificate copy.
  • Pay KD 36 through a typing center (or KD 31 otherwise).

Step 5: Take Passport-Size Photos

  • Get passport-size photos for the newborn.

Step 6: Apply for Passport

  • Visit any typing center for the passport application.

Step 7: Translate Birth Certificate

  • Translate the birth certificate at an authorized translation center.

Step 8: Apply for Residency

  • Go to Farwania Residency Office (Dajeej) for newborn’s residency.
  • If the father earns over 450 KD, he’ll be the sponsor.
  • Bring the original Kuwaiti birth certificate and passport.
  • Take a token, submit the application, and follow the process at the office. Pay KD 100 and send a fax before returning to the main counter.
  • Submit all documents at the main counter.

Step 9: Apply for Civil ID

  • Apply for the Civil ID online or through a paper envelope

By following these steps, you can ensure that all the required documentation for your newborn in Kuwait is completed correctly.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Civil ID in Kuwait?

After you’ve submitted your Civil ID renewal application, the usual processing time is approximately 7-10 working days. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this duration can vary due to factors like the number of applications being processed and the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in your application.

Conclusion-How to Apply for Civil ID in Kuwait

In the end of this article, I’m sure that you have known that how to apply for Civil ID in Kuwait, in detail . If in your mind about the process of applying for a Civil ID in Kuwait may raise questions for many residents and citizens, especially newcomers or those who haven’t experienced it before.

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