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PACI Civil ID Delivery in Kuwait- A Step-By-Step Complete Guide(2023)

Where can I get my PACI Civil ID delivery in Kuwait? Good news! You can now avail the facility to get  your Civil ID card delivery  on your doorstep. The Kuwait Civil ID Service has teamed up with a delivery company to ensure your ID arrives safely and your personal information stays confidential. By using this valuable service, you’ve to follow the simple steps we’ll discuss  in this article.

PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait

The PACI Civil ID Delivery service in Kuwait is a valuable offering provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) via its official website. This service enables people to get their civil ID cards delivered to their homes without the need to go to the authority’s main office.

PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait Step By Step

You can access PACI Civil ID Delivery in Kuwait through the website delivery. To make the most of this service, here are the key steps to follow:

Step 1. Visit the website, by clicking it. After reading the complete terms and conditions, then click on “start”.

Step 2. Write the “Serial Number” and “Civil ID Number” in a specific field. Then choose the option on “Add”.

Step 3. Write “Name” then “Delivery Time”, “Phone Number”, “Email”, and Preferred Contact Language”, in specific fields.

Step 4. Now choose the option “Add” to get confirmation of the delivery information.

Step 5. Now complete the remaining steps of payment. Then choose the option “Payment Confirmation” for confirming payment.

Step 6. Step 6. After doing all the above said steps, now save the receipt by printing it or save the file as a PDF.

PACI Civil ID Home Delivery Explanation With Pictures

The images provided below showcase the procedural steps for initiating the PACI Civil ID delivery for home service following a visit to the PACI website at

paci civil id delivery

Step 1: To change from Arabic to English on the PACI official website, simply click on the upper corner. For complete guidance, read carefully all the given instructions step by step.

Step 2:. After reading all instructions, terms and conditions carefully, you can accept it.

paci civil id delivery contact number

Step 3: If you’ve an old Civil ID card in possession, then choose the option “Old Civil ID card is available” On the other hand, if you don’t have Old Civil ID card, then choose the option “Old Civil ID card is not available

Step 4: Then, write your own Civil ID card number and its serial number in given fields. You can check your Civil ID card serial number on the back side of the Civil ID card.

civil id paci number

Step 5: Kindly provide your contact information, including your name, address, preferred delivery time, phone number, and the country of your preference. If you want to avail the option of entering your address manually, you can do this by choosing the 3rd option.

Step 6: While entering your delivery address, you will encounter three options to choose from:

1. “Use card address.”

2. “Use another PACI address.”

3. “Enter address manually.”

Please proceed to complete the information as depicted below, selecting the option that best suits your convenience:

Step 7: Please double-check the delivery details you initially provided during your civil identification card application. When entering your residential address, please ensure to review it carefully for accuracy.

paci civil id collection time

Step 8: After confirmation of your delivery information, now you’ll be redirected to the payment section/page. Once you’ve done this payment process successfully, you’ll receive a receipt of confirmation. You should save it immediately for future records.


PACI Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Registration

Here are some easy and simple steps that are essential to be followed for PACI Civil ID delivery for home in Kuwait registration.

  • Go to the given link of the website to access this valuable service.
  • Read the given terms and conditions very carefully, if you feel “Ok”, then you can proceed further for the registration.
  • If you’ve an old Civil ID card in possession, then choose the option “Old Civil ID card is available” On the other hand, if you don’t have Old Civil ID card, then choose the option “Old Civil ID card is not available
  • Enter your “Civil ID number” and “Serial number.” Write down your “Civil ID number” and its “Serial Number” which is on the back side of the Civil ID card.
  • After doing this you’ve to fill in your complete contact info etc.:
    • Your complete name according to your passport.
    • Your valid contact number.
    • Your valid email address.
    • Your language(Preference).
    • Your desired delivery time.
    • Your complete card address.
  • After verifying your contact info, then choose the option “Next” and click on it.
  • Upon completion, make sure to print, save, or take a screenshot of the receipt for your records.

By following these simple steps, you can do all the process of “PACI Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Registration” easily.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Payment

The payment information for PACI Kuwait Civil ID home delivery, as offered by PACI is given below:

  • 1. Each Kuwaiti dinar delivered to the house is valued at two dinars.
  • 2. For the delivery of each additional card to the same address, there is a cost of 1/4 Kuwaiti dinar.
  • This pricing scheme is applicable for the home delivery service of Civil IDs in Kuwait.

Civil ID PACI Number

Here is PACI Civil ID delivery contact number are given below.

For PACI Civil ID delivery inquiries and assistance, you can contact the PACI delivery team at: 22 06 65 50.

If you need to inquire about your Civil ID status, you can call the dedicated hotline at: 1889988.

PACI Delivery Kuwait Instructions

PACI has given some important guidelines about this service ”PACI Delivery Kuwait”.

These guidelines help ensure the smooth and secure delivery of Civil IDs in Kuwait.

PACI Civil ID Collection Time

The collection hours for Civil IDs at the South Surra headquarters commence at 10:00 am and conclude at 4:30 pm. Nonetheless, at the Jahra and Ahmadi branches, the collection period concludes at an earlier time of 01:30 pm. It’s recommended to verify the collection schedule for the particular branch where the ID application was processed to prevent any potential inconvenience.

PACI Civil ID Machine Number

When you go to the PASI office to collect your civil card from PACI Civil ID machine number, the process is straightforward. First, insert your old civil card into the designated slot on the smart card receiving machine. After a brief moment, the machine will process the card. Finally, you can retrieve your new card from the “Receive the Card” slot located at the bottom left of the machine. This simple procedure ensures a smooth and efficient card collection experience.


I hope you’ve learned a lot about the PACI Civil ID Delivery Service and PACI Delivery in Kuwait by reading this article. By following the key steps you can achieve the desired result.

We’ve covered the process of switching the website language, confirming delivery information, entering contact details, and the payment structure, among other important aspects of the service. It’s mandatory to follow these simple steps carefully to register yourself  for availing the Civil ID Home Delivery Service in Kuwait.

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