Kuwait Civil ID Lost

Kuwait Civil ID Lost To Get Replace Easily in 2023

Not long ago, my Kuwait civil ID lost, which meant I had to request a new one. Luckily, the Public Authority for Civil Information made things easier by no longer asking for a police report when replacing lost IDs. For this purpose, you only need  a copy of the lost civil ID and your original passport.

Get Appointment Through the PACI Website

When my Kuwait Civil ID lost and wish to get a new civil ID, I started by scheduling an appointment on the PACI website. Following that, I was guided to the Meta platform, offering access to a range of services.

For newcomers to Meta, the registration process entails providing your civil ID number, mobile number, civil ID serial number, and email address. It’s essential to complete this registration; otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed. Once registered, click on “personal services.”

In case you encounter difficulties accessing the Meta platform for any reason, there’s an alternative available. You can visit the PACI headquarters located in South Surra. Outside the building, there are private company offices that can assist you.

They offer services like scheduling appointments, filling out forms, and making photocopies to help with your paperwork. Booking an appointment through these companies costs KD 3.

Kuwait Civil ID Lost

Appointment for Kuwait Civil ID Lost

To apply for a new civil ID, you should bring your appointment confirmation, original passport, and a copy of the lost civil ID to the PACI office. Once you arrive, obtain a token number from the reception and patiently wait for your turn. The processing time may vary depending on the number of applicants on that particular day, but generally, it only takes a few minutes.

You’ll receive a form requesting your full name, mobile number, and email address. This document serves as evidence of your application for the replacement civil ID. Keep in mind that obtaining a new civil ID due to loss comes with a fee of KD 20, which you can conveniently pay online through the PACI platform.

How Can I Get My Kuwait Civil ID Online?

To obtain your Kuwait Civil ID online, visit the PACI website at www.paci.gov.kw. Simply create an account or log in, fill  your personal information. Follow the instructions to request your new Civil ID, upload required documents, and pay fees using secure methods like K-net. Once submitted, track your application online for processing updates.

Your new Civil ID will become available for collection or delivery within a specified timeframe, streamlining the entire process for your convenience. Stay updated by checking the PACI website for the latest information.

Video Guidance For Kuwait Civil ID Lost

YouTube video

Kuwait Civil ID Lost Of Indians

To obtain your new Civil ID, make sure you have your original passport, a copy of your Civil ID, and copies of your passport with you when you visit the PACI office in Surra. Be prepared to pay the 20KD fine, and remember that only K-net payments are accepted for this purpose. After submitting your documents and payment, you can expect to receive your new Civil ID in approximately 2-3 days.

Additionally, you have the option to simplify your identification process by downloading the Kuwait Mobile ID app. This app conveniently displays your valid Civil ID and is widely accepted at all government offices and border checkpoints, making your interactions with authorities smoother and more efficient.


By following the above mentioned, you can get alternate Civil ID for your Kuwait Civil ID lost. It’s very easy and simple method to get new Civil ID by doing so. Every common man can get benefit from this process and this method is very helpful too.

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