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Kuwait Visa Check Made Easy in 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to visit Kuwait and want to know the Kuwait visa check process? Having a valid visa document is a crucial requirement for foreign nationals visiting Kuwait. The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait issues various types of visas with varying validity periods to cater to different travel needs.

If you’re interested in discovering how to verify the validity and authenticity of your Kuwait visa, you can find the information here.

Kuwait Visa Check Online

Those persons who are looking to verify/check the status and validity of their own Kuwaiti visa may do the process through MOI(Ministry of Interior , Kuwait) website.

Kuwait Visa Check by Passport Number From India, Nepal, and Bangladesh

If you wish to confirm the validity of your e-visa by using your passports number from India, Nepal and Bangladesh, simply follow these easy steps:

Kuwait visa check by passport number
  • Visit the official portal of Kuwait,” Kuwait e-Visa Portal”.
  • Now write your own passport number and your own e-visa reference number.
  • Then click on the option “OK”.

Your visa information, including the status and validity of your e-visa, will be quickly presented for your reference.

Kuwait Visa Check by Visa Number

It is necessary to keep in mind that you can check and verify your Kuwait visa status using a combination of both your passport number and visa reference number, as earlier mentioned.

Relying solely on one of these identifiers will not provide accurate results. Currently, it is not feasible to ascertain the status of your Kuwait visa using only one of these details.

Kuwait Visa Check by Civil ID

Kuwait visa check by civil id

It’s essential to be aware that you cannot verify your visa’s validity using your Civil ID number. The Kuwait Civil ID that is issued by PACI(Public Authority for Civil Information), has a vital importance for both Kuwaiti residents and expatriates living in Kuwait.

If you wish to inquire about the status of your Kuwait Civil ID, you can refer to our dedicated article on this topic.

Kuwait Visa Check Application To Know Status Online

Kuwait visa check app is another method to check your visa status online from India, Nepal and Bangladesh:-

kuwait visa check application
  • Search on Google Kuwait official portal,” Visa Application Status Portal”.
  • Now write your own visa application number.
  • Fill the captcha which is displayed.
  • Then click on the option “Submit”.

Kuwait Visa Validity Period

Kuwait government issues multiple types of visas and among these visas, the following are most common visa and demanded visa:-

  • Tourist Visa:  The validity of tourist visa is maximum 90 days and holders of tourist visas can stay in Kuwait for a specified period as mentioned above. The validity period of a single-entry e-visa begins upon issuance and spans 90 days.
  • Business Visa: Business visa holders can stay for up to 30 days. The validity period of a single-entry e-visa begins upon issuance and spans 90 days.
  • Family Visit Visa:Individuals possessing family visit visas are granted a stay of 30 days. A single-entry visa in this category is valid for 90 days.
  • Residence Visa: Residence visas encompass various categories such as work, dependent, and student visas. These visas enable expatriates to reside in Kuwait for an extended period, typically beyond the durations mentioned for other types of visas.

How to Check if Your Kuwait Visa Is Original or Fake?

The Kuwaiti dinar is presently one of the world’s strongest currencies, with 1 KWD equaling 3.32 USD. This attractive exchange rate has drawn many individuals to seek employment opportunities in Kuwait. However, it has also attracted scammers who produce counterfeit Kuwaiti e-visas. To ensure the authenticity of your Kuwaiti e-visa, you can follow these steps:

  • Search on Google Kuwait official portal,” e-Visa Portal”.
  • Now write your own e-Visa application number and passport number.
  • Fill the captcha code which is displayed.
  • Then click on the option “Submit”.

If you don’t have your passport number, you have an alternative option:

  • Search on Google Kuwait official portal,” visa application status portal”.
  • Now write your own e-Visa application number.
  • Fill the captcha code which is displayed.
  • Then click on the option “Submit”.

To know the authenticity of your own Kuwait e-visa, you’ve to adopt a few methods which are available for you.  First, you can enter your e-visa number into the designated system. If the number is legitimate, the screen will display an ‘approved’ status. Conversely, if the number is counterfeit, it will show an ‘invalid number’ status.

Additionally, you can physically inspect your visa for distinctive features that often indicate its authenticity. Look for a holographic element visible when tilting the document, a security thread embedded within, micro printed text that’s hard to replicate, hidden UV-activated features visible under ultraviolet light, and ink that changes color when tilted.

These measures help ensure your Kuwait e-visa is genuine, protecting you from potential scams.

  • Heading/Title: “Welcome to the State of Kuwait – Visa” in both English and Arabic.
  • Subheading: “Tourist Visa-Application” in both languages.
  • Left Side: Kuwait police badge.
  • Right Side: Kuwaiti emblem (coat of arms).
  • Main Text: Includes a letter in English (left-aligned) and Arabic (right-aligned).
  • English Section:
    • The document starts with your “Dear Name”, we’re delighted to tell you that your Kuwait visa as a tourist has been approved.
    • Followed by your 12-digit application number.
  • Below this, you’ll find the visa number (9 digits) along with its validity dates.

How Does the Kuwait Visa Check Work?

A Kuwait visa check is a crucial procedure that all travelers, regardless of their nationality or purpose of visit, must go through before entering the country.When arriving in Kuwait, you must provide both your passport and a valid Kuwait visa for entry.

This visa check serves as a crucial step to verify the validity of your travel documents and confirm that you have the required authorization to enter the country.

Kuwait Visa Types

Kuwait is an progressive gulf country and provides different types of visas to meet the various types of travel purposes.

The most commonly used visa is the tourist visa, permitting travelers to stay in Kuwait for a maximum of 30 days. Additionally, there are other visa categories such as business and work visas, student visas, and transit visas, each designed to accommodate specific travel intentions and requirements.

1. Tourist visa

The tourist visa stands as the most prevalent type of visa for Kuwait, boasting a validity period of 90 days. It grants you entry into Kuwait exclusively for tourism-related activities and does not permit employment or studying within the country.

2. Business visa

The business visa, with a validity of 90 days, serves the purpose of allowing entry into Kuwait solely for business-related activities. However, it’s important to note that this visa does not grant permission for employment or studying while in the country.

3. Student visa

The student visa offers a one-year validity and is intended for individuals entering Kuwait to pursue studies at a recognized educational institution. Additionally, this visa permits part-time employment opportunities during the period of study.

4. Work visa

The work visa has a duration of one year and is designed for individuals entering Kuwait for employment with a registered company. While staying in Kuwait under this visa, you have the option to engage in part-time study alongside your work commitments.

5. Residence visa

The residence visa, which spans a period of two years, provides the opportunity to reside in Kuwait with your family. Importantly, this visa type encompasses both work and study, making it versatile and accommodating for various purposes.

How to Apply for a Kuwait Visa?

Applicants have the option to apply for a Kuwait visa either online or through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.

1. Prepare the Required Documents

For applying the application process for a Kuwait visa, you should prepare the following documents:

  1. A passport with a minimum validity of six months from your intended travel date.
  2. Two passport-sized photographs.
  3. An application form of visa fully completed in all aspects.
  4. A letter for invitation from a sponsor in Kuwait.
  5. A copy of your flight itinerary.
  6. A copy of your hotel reservation.
  7. Proof of financial means, such as a bank statement, to demonstrate your financial capability.

2. Apply and Submit Documents

After assembling the necessary documents, the next step is to submit them to the nearest Kuwait embassy or consulate. The submission process may necessitate a personal visit to the embassy or consulate, or you might have the option to send your application and documents via mail, depending on their specific requirements and procedures.

3. Pay the Visa Fee

The fee for a single-entry Kuwait visa amounts to USD 30, while a multiple-entry visa costs $60. It’s crucial to emphasize that the visa fee must be paid in cash, through a money order, or with a certified check payable to the Embassy of Kuwait.

The payment through credit cards is not acceptable. Credit card payments are not accepted for visa fees.

Kuwait Visa Check Price

Standard Processing Time: 6 days USD $85.99

Rush Processing Time: 3 days USD $148.99

Kuwait Visa Check Price For India

Standard Processing Time: 6 days USD $85.99Indian Rupees (7140.84)

Rush Processing Time: 3 days SD $148.99Indian Rupees (12372.53)

Kuwait Visa Check Price For Nepal

Standard Processing Time: 6 days USD $85.99Nepali Rupees(11419.22)

Rush Processing Time: 3 days USD $148.99Nepali Rupees(19785.43)

Kuwait Visa Check Price For Bangladesh

Standard Processing Time: 6 days USD $85.99Bangladeshi Taka(9455.99)

Rush Processing Time: 3 days USD $148.99Bangladeshi Taka(16383.86)

Kuwait Visa Check Price For Pakistan

Standard Processing Time: 6 days USD $85.99Pakistan Rupees (24661.18)

Rush Processing Time: 3 days USD $148.99Pakistan Rupees (42729.04)

Disclaimer:- Visa Price Can be varied due to increase or decrease currency daily.

4. Visa Processing

The usual processing period for a Kuwait visa is generally 10 business days, but it may take longer during peak periods. After receiving your visa application approval, it’ll be delivered to the address you gave/provided on your application form.

Kuwait Visa Check- Complete Video Guide

YouTube video

Kuwait Tourist Visa Validity

A Kuwait tourist visa is initially valid for 90 days, commencing from the date of issuance. Should you desire an extension to prolong your stay in the country beyond this initial period, you have the option to apply for an extension, typically granted for up to one year.

These extensions can be sought through online or in-person processes at the MOI Kuwait visa check. The Kuwait visa holds the status of a travel document, granting foreign nationals the ability to enter, exit, and transit through Kuwait. It’s worth mentioning that the validity of visa remains for 90 days for the date of issuance.

 Extending the Kuwait visa for an additional 90 days is feasible by paying the applicable fee to the Ministry of Interior. Importantly, individuals who overstay their Kuwait visa may face fines and could be subject to deportation.

Kuwait Visa Extension Process

Here is the process for extending your Kuwait visa:

kuwait visa check online
  • The initial step in the Kuwait visa extension process involves visiting the Kuwait Visit Extension Website. When you land on the homepage, you will encounter a designated section labeled “Visa Extensions.” After selecting this section, click on it, you’ll be redirected to the visa extension page.
  • On the visa extension page, you will be required to provide your current visa number and its expiration date. This valuable information is necessary and mandatory for the processing of your visa extension request.
  • After inputting the necessary information, you can proceed by clicking on the “Submit” button to submit your visa extension application.
  • Following the submission of your visa extension application, you will need to patiently await its approval. You should anticipate receiving a notification once your application has been approved. Subsequently, you can proceed to collect your extended visa at the Ministry of Interior, MOI as instructed.

Kuwait Visa on Arrival

Kuwait extends a visa-on-arrival program to citizens of specific countries, allowing them to acquire a visa upon arrival without the need for prior visa application. Here are the key details:

1. Eligible Nationalities: To qualify for Kuwait’s visa-on-arrival program, you must hold citizenship from one of the following countries:

  •    Australia
  •    Canada
  •    Finland
  •    France
  •    Germany
  •    Ireland
  •    Italy
  •   Japan
  •   Malaysia
  •   Netherlands
  •   New Zealand
  •   Norway
  •   Singapore
  •   South Korea
  •   Spain
  •   Sweden
  •   Switzerland
  •   United Kingdom
  •   United States

2. Required Documents: When applying for a visa on arrival in Kuwait, you need to present two essential documents at the entry point: a valid passport and proof of an onward or return ticket.
3. Visa-On-Arrival Fee: There is a visa-on-arrival fee of 20 KD, which must be paid in cash. Accepted currencies for payment include Kuwaiti Dinars or US Dollars.

Conclusion-Kuwait Visa Check 2023

The process of checking your Kuwait visa application status on the MOI Kuwait visa check status platform and extending your visa is fairly straightforward. Additionally, some countries’ citizens are eligible for Kuwait’s visa-on-arrival program, permitting them to obtain a visa upon arrival without prior application.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand that the visa-on-arrival program is only applicable to citizens of specific countries, and strict document requirements must be met at the entry point. Before embarking on your journey to Kuwait, it’s advisable to thoroughly review the visa requirements and procedures to facilitate a hassle-free and trouble-free trip.

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