Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update

Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update Complete Online Process [2024] Ways Need To Know

Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update Process If you’re a Kuwaiti citizen, you understand the significance of the photo on your Kuwait Civil ID card. Kuwait Civil ID Update now is very easy. An accurate and up-to-date image is crucial. But what if you need to replace the current photo on your Kuwaiti Civil ID?

For starting the process to update your Kuwait Civil ID photo, you can visit the official website of the PACI (Public Authority of Civil Information ). They offer a dedicated e-service for this specific purpose. This process involves a series of straightforward steps, and we’ll guide you through it comprehensively to ensure your Civil ID photo is up-to-date.

Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update

Kuwait Civil ID photo update is a straightforward process for Kuwaiti citizens. However, non-Kuwaiti residents may find it challenging to navigate this procedure.

To bridge this knowledge gap, we’ve outlined the process for using PACI’s photo update service. By following these steps you are in a position to manage the update on your own.

Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update Online– 10 Easy Steps

  • Step 1. First of all go on Google and search PACI website  
  • Step 2. Now choose your preferred language English as your own default language, since Arabic language will be default language for the whole website
  • Step 3. Choose the option “e-Service”  and click on it.
Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update
  • Step 4.  Search and choose the option “Non-Kuwaiti Photo Update”
  • Step 5. You’ve to complete/fill all the empty boxes with your Civil ID number, serial number and mobile number. The Kuwaiti Photo Update Link is readily available to assist you and seamlessly direct you to this page whenever the need arises.
civil id photo update online
  • Step 6. Click “Next” and patiently wait for an SMS code to be delivered to your mobile phone. Once received, input the code into the designated box below. You will receive this service message on your provided mobile phone for verification.
  • Step 7.  For updation of your civil ID photo, simply enter the required information and then click on “Save.”
  • Step 8. A confirmation text message will be received on your given mobile indicating, “Successful submission; and also wait for the update.”
  • Step 9. Upon receiving a message from the number 1889988, you will be notified with the message, “Your request has been received successfully.” You will receive another message from 1889988 with the following instruction: “Please follow up at https://paci.ws/xxxxx.” By clicking the website link, you’ll be redirected to the request status page.
  • Step 10. PACI will send you an additional SMS approximately 10 to 15 days following your request to provide you with an update on the status of your civil ID photo update.

Required Details for Expats Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update

For initiating a request for a change to your Kuwait Civil ID photo specifications, other photo related issues, you will be required to furnish the following information and documentation:

  • A Blood Report from Authentic Lab
  • Kuwait Civil ID Photo size:- An individual image with precise dimensions (the photo width must fall within the range of 500 to 800 pixels, while the height should be between 700 and 1000 pixels).
  • A copy of your passport’s first page.
  • Passport details, including the expiration date on the last page.
  • A copy of your current civil ID.
  • Any required embassy letter or documentation.

Civil ID Update Timing

Once you’ve completed the initial steps, updating your civil ID collection photos in Kuwait becomes a streamlined and uncomplicated procedure. Here’s a concise overview of the process:

1. Apply for Approval: The first step involves applying to the government for approval to update your photos. This request typically takes 10 to 15 days to receive a response.

2. Approval Process: After submitting your request, you’ll need to patiently await a response, which could be either positive or negative. Once your request for a PACI e-service photo update is given the green light, you can proceed.

3. Photo Update: The actual process of changing the photo on a non-Kuwaiti civil ID is usually quite efficient, often taking only a few hours once approval is granted.

Keep in mind that the specific timeframe for each step can vary depending on individual circumstances and the processing efficiency. Ensuring a seamless and timely photo update is contingent on your precise adherence to the stipulated steps and the comprehensive provision of essential information.

Should additional queries arise or further support be necessary, do not hesitate to make contact. We are here to assist you comprehensively.

PACI Civil ID Photo Update Tracking

To track the progress of your civil ID photo update, follow these steps:

1. Approval Confirmation: First, ensure that your request for a photo update on your civil ID has been approved by the Kuwaiti government. After submitting your request, you will receive an SMS from the Public Authority of Civil Information confirming the reception of your request. This message will include a link that enables you to review the timeline for updating your civil ID photograph.

2. Manual Verification: If you prefer to manually check the status, you can visit the official website at www.paci.gov.kw. There, you can review your civil ID profile to see if the previous image has been changed or if a new photo has been added.

Remember that the process of updating your civil ID photo is in progress, and you should regularly check for any updates or changes in your ID profile. In the event of any challenges or if you require additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to the appropriate authorities or the Public Authority of Civil Information.

They are available to offer guidance and assistance throughout the process.

ConclusionKuwait Civil ID Photo Update

The process of updating a civil ID photo in Kuwait closely mirrors procedures in many other countries. The Public Authority of Civil Information’s official website extends a unique solution for those individuals who require added flexibility in updating their ID card photos in person, accommodating varying time constraints.

As previously detailed in the Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update article, you can utilize the PACI e-service photo update to change your ID card’s photo. This efficient online service simplifies the process and ensures that your ID reflects an accurate and up-to-date image.

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