How to find UAE Visa Number

How To Find UAE Visa Number Easily in 2023

The people who are residing in UAE, often encounter the issue of how to find UAE visa number. UAE visa number has a very crucial and unique identification number that is allotted to each visa issued by UAE.  This UAE visa number holds important information about the visa holder, it is very crucial for every UAE visa holder to have a deep understanding of these numbers.

Through this UAE visa number, UAE immigration authorities track and manage the visas. For your full understanding about UAE Visa and its related queries, read the complete article.

How To Find UAE Visa Number

Before proceeding into a detailed understanding of  a UAE visa number, It is pertinent to mention here that UAE visa has to distinct types of unique numbers:-

  • UID Number
  • Visa Number

These numbers have their distinctive features and should be known to every visa holder of UAE.

How to Find UAE Visa Number

1. UID Number

The UID number (Unified Number) is a unique numerical code that is issued by FAIC(Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship). Every tourist or visa holder who visits the UAE, is allotted/assigned a 9-digit number. The Unified Number is a requirement for applying for an Emirates ID. Keep in mind that your UID number stays the same, even if your visa gets canceled or you apply for a new one later on.

2. UAE Visa Number

Your UAE visa number, unlike the UID, can vary in length from 7 to 9 digits. It’s assigned when a new visa is issued and is crucial for confirming visa validity or initiating the visa cancellation process.

UAE Visa Number Sample and Format

Please take a look at the example of a UAE visa number provided below for your reference and know how to find UAE visa number:

  • 201/2023/2xxxxxx
  • 201/2023/3xxxxxx

The UAE visa number is composed of distinct components that convey specific information. The first three digits indicate the Emirates responsible for visa issuance, including Abu Dhabi (101), Dubai (201), Sharjah (301), and Ajman (401).

After  the Emirates code, the subsequent four digits signify the year of visa issuance. The remaining numbers constitute the individual and unique UAE visa number.

UAE Visa Number Check-How to Check Visa Number in UAE?

To confirm your UAE visa number, just check your visa copy. If your UID number isn’t visible on the copy, go to the GDRFA website and use your passport number to find it. The website lets you retrieve your UID number by entering your passport details.

Where to Find the UAE Visa Number on Your Passport?

The simplest method to locate your visa number is by examining your passport. Check the visa stamp on your passport, where your visa number is displayed. You can find it in the upper-right corner of the visa stamp, under the “File Number,” with the visa number positioned in the last section of the file number.

UAE Visa Number

How to Find UAE Visa Number Online?

To find your visa number easily, just go to the official website of the authority where you applied (Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, or Fujairah). Enter your visa application and reference numbers, and you’ll get your visa number.

To access your visa details, just enter your request number and click the “Inquiry” button. If you applied for a Dubai visa through Amer centers in Dubai, you can locate your visa number on this website.

UAE Visa Number
  • First of all select the option “Application
  • Now enter your Application Number, Transaction Number, and Date of Payment.
  • After solving the reCaptcha and clicking on the “Search” button.

In the final step, your visa details will be presented on the next page.


Finding your UAE visa number is as easy as having your passport and a bit of curiosity. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to look – we’ve got you covered! Simply follow the uncomplicated steps provided in this article, and you can also verify your details online. With these handy tips, you’ll be uncovering your visa number in a breeze!

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