Emirates ID Lost

Emirates ID Lost- Obtain Your ID in 24 Hours

Are you worried about your Emirates ID lost? The Emirates ID, a vital identification card in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is issued by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA). It is mandatory for both UAE nationals and residents, serving as a vital document for accessing government services and facilitating smooth passage through airport smart gates.

Carrying the Emirates ID at all times is a requirement for residents in the UAE. If, regrettably, you lose your Emirates ID, prompt action is imperative. To address such situations, a swift replacement service named ‘Fawri’ is available, ensuring that a new Emirates ID can be obtained within 24 hours.

This service, provided by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security, comes with an associated service fee. Losing this essential document can be distressing, but the expedited replacement process offered by ‘Fawri’ alleviates the inconvenience, allowing individuals to promptly secure a new Emirates ID and resume their normal activities.

4 Easy Steps To Follow

In the circumstance where your Emirates ID has been either stolen, lost, or damaged, it is essential to proceed by taking the following 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Report to the Relevant Authority(ICA) About Emirates ID Lost

First of all, visit the nearest ICA Customer Happiness Centre for reporting the EID card loss incident. Remember to bring a valid ID for confirmation. This step ensures the quick deactivation of your card. If your Emirates ID is lost, ask for a replacement during the report. For a damaged card, don’t forget to bring the old one.

You can also avail Emirates ID lost complaint online by calling ICA customer service contact number 600-599-999.

To report the incident and confirm your identity, bring the following documents based on your status:

  • UAE nationals: Take your original passport along with your Family book.
  • GCC nationals: Acceptable documents include a valid employment certificate or card, school registration certificate, valid marriage contract, commercial license, ownership contract, real estate lease, or certificate of dependency.
  • Expatriates: Take your own passport with a stamped valid residency permit.
  • Child (under 15): To fulfill the requirements, parents are obligated to furnish the original birth certificate and a colored passport-size photo featuring a white background.
Emirates ID Lost

Step 2: Apply for an Emirates ID Card Replacement

After reporting the incident, promptly initiate the replacement process for your lost Emirates ID by submitting the required form. The application forms for the replacement ID card can be obtained from‘ Fawri’ service is accessible at the following  ICA Customer Happiness Centres including:-

  • – Al Jazeera and Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi
  • – Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya, and Karama in Dubai
  • – Madinat Zayed in the Western Region
  • – Al Ain Centre
  • – Sharjah Centre
  • – Ajman Centre
  • – Fujairah Centre
  • – Ras Al Khaimah Centre
  • – Umm Al Quwain Centre

Alternatively, you have the option to access online forms on the official ICA website or you can do it via the UAE ICP app to submit the application and proceed with the replacement request.

Emirates ID Lost

Step 3: Pay The Charges

If you wish to know Emirates ID lost charges or want to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID. Here are the official Emirates ID lost price/fine.

  • Fee for replacement: AED 300 + AED 40 for applying online.
  • Application fee via typing center: AED 70 | Via eForm: AED 40
  • For availing Express services, you require to pay AED 150 extra.

It’s essential to submit both the fees and the application form. The specified charges are applicable to everyone, encompassing UAE nationals, GCC nationalities, and expatriate residents alike.

Step 4: Collect Your New Card

Once you’ve submitted the application for a replacement ID card, expect an SMS from the ICA confirming the submission and providing the anticipated delivery date. The issuance of the new Emirates ID takes approximately two working days.

Upon receiving the SMS notification from the ICA, you can reach out to Emirates Post for inquiries about your new Emirates ID card. Their customer center can be contacted at 600-599-999.

Tip of The Day

Opting for the Express Service ensures that you receive your card within a span of 24 hours.

What If Your Emirates ID Lost and Found Dubai?

A representative from ICA’s customer service will contact you to provide information regarding the retrieval of your lost Emirates ID card.

How to Renew My Emirates ID?

You have the option to renew your Emirates ID either through online channels or by visiting the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) service centers. Additionally, Customer Happiness Centers and authorized typing centers in Dubai provide the same services.

That wraps up our guide on replacing an Emirates ID lost. In the most recent update, obtaining an e-version of your Emirates ID is now possible. During the waiting period for your physical card, you can utilize the electronic version of your Emirates ID.


By Following these 4 easy but simple you can get a replace of your Emirates ID lost and save yourselves from the future inconveniences. These above mentioned steps are mandatory to obtain your Emirates ID lost replacement.

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